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  • Sep 24, 2015

My husband got cancer and I was already doubting my decision... Steffies promised half refund when she paid her back taxes claiming that to BR her mothers litter... That was two years ago.. She hangs up on me ?

Two years ago i paid full price for a pup... Due to cancer and change of mind I told Steffie and she promised half refund

she said this litter belonged to her mom and they owed back taxes so give her some time... I called her and she hung up

  • Dec 4, 2016

You broke the contract

Please,begin by explaining yoy broke the oeiginal contract that all our clients sign prior to us ever accepting money. You changed your mind on getting the puppy. Yes we agreed on a partial refund even though you broke the contract. But instead you decided on a second puppy and wanted your payment transferred to the second puppy I agreed because it was the right thing to do. I then put the second puppy on hold for you and the money was transferred to that puppy. Then after the secind puppy being on hold for you but once again changed your mind and wanted a refund. It was then I informed you that you broke the contract a,second time and our business dealings were complete. Just as clients expect us to follow the contract they sign and do everything we agree to do ,we expect the same of our clients. Contracts are in place for all parties involved to obey. .We are very proud of what we do and Im sorry you feel wronged. But only telling part of yhe story is not telling the entire truth.

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