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Power Places Tours (and Gregg Braden)

Country India
State Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Power Places Tours (and Gregg Braden) Reviews

  • Jul 30, 2016

Power places tours threatened a spiritual master/emissary of source with jail for telling the world about their abuses at the sacred sites.

In association with gregg braden who is a famous celebrity and who seems to endorse the scandal, they have been cheating customers and transformational speakers who sign up for their tour programs.

They have been doing it for many years and generally pick on decent people Whether travellers or the speakers), behave in such a way as to cause them a financial loss and then file lawsuits when they stand up for themselves.

The internet contains many accounts of transformational speakers lured into their programs and incurring major losses. One speaker lost us60, 000 because when power places tours lose a lawsuit, they then ignore the judgments because they live in an offshore haven named st croix.

There have been four lawsuits in three years, along with seven workers at power places tours whistleblowing on bad business practices and abuses at the sacred sites.

There are also a long list of customers having been ripped off or caused losses with gregg bradens support. The total amount of loss caused to everyone is around a million dollars or so. They threatened someone with 1.5 million lawsuit after ripping her of $6, 000 and she spoke up. They have a history of slapp suits.

A spiritual master was caused a loss and then they tried suing him and the director of power places tours went as far as faking and falsifying evidence in court filings.

He was the main whistleblower and the record shows power places tours and gregg braden both threatened him with jail if he would not remove his posts on various sites. They then conspired to try and cause his death.

The moral justification was that as an emissary of source, he is responsible for the integrity of the sacred sites and thus was obligated to intervene to stop them abusing customers, transformational speakers and doing dark work at the sacred sites.

He is also a spokesperson for an advanced alien race that will visit the sites in 2017. He is specialized in surviving biosphere collapse and has the power to help humanity on a planetary level once the collapse starts.

He knows how to ease the suffering of several billion people, which conflicts with power places tours' agenda of abusing, hurting and harming people by trying to ruin their lives.

This is why they tried to destroy his work because it would expose what they have been doing at the sacred sites for years.

The truth is now out in the open and interfering with a spiritual master of high integrity was a disaster for them of unimaginable proportions. He told them about karma at the beginning but they did not take him seriously.

Of course there is karma if one tries to get in the way of source.

They now have serious bad karma for trying to destroy humanity's last hope of understanding the problems it faces, compounded with causing people massive losses, threatening a spiritual master with jail based on fabricated evidence and supporting black magic rituals at the sacred sites which can destabilize the entire planetary grid.

They now have a karmic catastrophe on their hands and a destroyed reputation which stands to bring gregg braden into disrepute for his involvement.

The spiritual master has also billed power places tours for a million in spiritual consultation fees for important lessons in truth and integrity.

Thus in the end, there is balance. When one cheats people out of money, that money is not rightfully owned and thus karma finds a way to redress the balance. Thus they have to give the money back and offset the harm done to humanity and to the spiritual master's work.

They now have to pay him a million in damages and consultation fees.

At the same time, once this all gets out, it stands to be the biggest new age scandal in human history.

This company is morally corrupted and is a stain on the moral fibre of humanity, and a parasite on the sacred sites itself - using them to lure people looking for the trip of a lifetime and then causing them harm, loss and suffering for no just cause.

People should be very careful indeed.

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