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Powell's Books

Country United States
State Oregon
City Portland
Address 1005 W Burnside St.
Phone 800-878-7323.

Powell's Books Reviews

  • Apr 18, 2017

This complaint is in relation to the used book buyback program and does not reflect on any physical location. As a graduate student I amassed numerous books over the years which I no longer required. Selling them was a prime means to attain extra cash as well as provide a MUCH cheaper alternative for other students or those who require certain texts for various courses. I am sorry to say I decided to sell any books to Powell's. I was quoted a specific amount online prior to shipment and return and had to wait several weeks only to receive almost half of the amount promised.

This amounts to a rip off. All of the books I submitted were used but in adequate condition and in similar condition to other online buyback book programs which I recently used. I sold books to:


Textbook Maniac

...and receive the EXACT quoted amount for all orders. In fact, I sold several orders to Textbook Rush and received the exact amount quoted and payment was received almost immediately. Powells delayed payment even after 10 days. The order was received by UPS on 04/07 and even after 10 days I received ZERO response. I had to email on two occasions before finally recieving payment which was reduced by almost half the

quoted amount.

Do yourself a favor - AVOID Powells for reselling used books. You will get ripped off compared to all the other buyback programs available and listed online. Not one of the other vendors ripped me off on the quoted amount and paid me immediately through PayPal. Powells delays and uses some felonious unaccountable and non-transparent means of accessing a book's value. Seems like the principal criteria is to save Powell's money irrespective of the book's actual condition. Sell to TextbookRush and get paid exactly what was quoted and on time.

This review in regards to Order Confirmation number# 11493617

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