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Country United States
State Texas
City Dallas
Phone 888-551-8186
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  • Aug 6, 2015

Les Snell is at it again. This con artist who was behind Monticello University, the Thomas Jefferson Education Foundation , and Regus University has found a few new ways to mislead and misrepresent. He's going by the name Jeff Foster and running a counseling service known as The Positive Counseling Institute where he claims to have a PhD in "Positive Neuropsychology", a degree that only exists at a diploma mill he has conveniently conjured up, The American Graduate University. On top of running a scam as an unqualified counselor, and running this diploma mill. He has also managed to claim to be the Dean of the

Going beyond even these schemes, he has started a meetup on atheism called The Atheist Community of Dallas and also a divorce recovery meetup both of which are likely built to exploit people into his counseling, or diploma scams, and given his LONG past record, need to be noted. In both of these cases, he is misrepresenting his educational background to gain trust and authority over individuals.

Les Snell is a man with a long record of fraud. He seems to have a strong interest in Thomas Jefferson that should be noted from many of his activities. He also frequently claims degrees well beyond his knowledge, and likely fantasies himself a sort of intellectual given his activities. He is largely just a degenerate scammer with only a few books of reading to his name. Please beware of him and his activities.

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