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Portnov Computer School

Country United States
State California
City Los Altos
Address 4970 El Camino Real #110
Phone 650-961-2044

Portnov Computer School Reviews

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  • Nov 18, 2015

Portnov is a liar and his "school" is substandard and not worth your time and money!

There are definitely lots of QA-related jobs on the market and portnov plays this card to finagle people and convince them to sign-up for his classes. But in reality, his entire course -- it's 7-10 definitions of different types of software testing (which you can google yourself for free without giving portnov your $$$$).

Portnov has ZERO technical and real computer science knowledge and absolutely not qualified to teach anything, especially considering that he barely speaks English and it's very difficult to understand his Runglish and the heaviest ever accent.

There are so many people who regret wasting their time and giving their money to portnov, and there were some real reviews about his shady operation, but Portnov manages to remove an entire profile (e.g. Google listing or yelp) to eliminate the negative reviews and then relist himself with couple of fake rave reviews.

Oh, not every review is "fake". Most of them written by newly recruited students, who completed "the training" and are awaiting the "internship". It's never asked directly, but in order to get the intership you have to write a good review. No comments there.

Just about the few Portnov's lies to show that Portnov is a liar and his "school" is worthless:

- Portnov says: "if you have trouble with any techinical stuff dring interview, write those questions down, come see me later and we'll discuss the answers".

Haha, no you won't! Because Portnov's knowledge do not go beyond 10 definitions of testing and he can't answer any real challenging technical question!

- Portnov promises that the goal of the school is to help you to get employed. So, you can attend classes for as long as you have to, untill you're ready to pass the interview and get a job.

Don't count on it -- in a couple of months you will be kicked out of the "school" and if you come for a lecture, you'll be asked to sit in the back, by the door, where you won't be able to hear or see anything. The room will be so full that you'll be practically fainting.

- Portnov will teach you how to become a professional liar (just like he is): he will write your resume and if you have 0 experience in the fileld, he will write that you have 3-4 years of experinece. Unfortunately, the potential employers are not morons and they will ask questions and require to show some skills. What skills?? Portnov teaches NO skills!!

- Portnov has no professioanal ethic. You can count on being humiliated by his "jokes" and sexually harassed, if you happen to be young and attractive female.

There are so many people who was sold on portnov's agressive advertising and gave hime their entire savings and quit their jobs to study with portnov and to "build the carer of their dreams". Unfortunately, most of them are back in retail and fast food joints, becuase it's better than nothing.

Save your time and money, steer clear of portnov and bunch of other hypocrites and liars affiliated with this rip-off business!

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