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Port Orange Modern Dentistry

Country United States
State Florida
City Port Orange
Address 1765 Dunlawton Ave Ste 103
Phone 1 386-259-3905

Port Orange Modern Dentistry Reviews

  • May 22, 2022

PLEASE… PLEASE… PLEASE….DO NOT GO TO PORT ORANGE MODERN DENTISTRY UNTIL YOU READ MY POST (thanks!) I had made Appointments in Advance to see Dr. Kathleen Lucking and on 3/24/2022, my husband and I went to Port Orange Modern Dentistry (1765 Dunlawton Ave., Suite 103, Port Orange, FL 32129 / 386-259-3905) for New Patient Appointments, since we just moved to Florida in December, 2021.

I want to be clear that we have always had our teeth cleaned EVERY 6 MONTHS by a reputable Dentist (like clockwork)…and that we made it clear to the Receptionist at Port Orange Modern Dentistry when we made the Appointments, that we were simply there for a 6 Month Routine Cleaning, which is covered in full by our Delta Dental Insurance DeltaCare USA (and our cleanings have been FREE in the past….for as long as we’ve been getting our teeth cleaned).

We were each taken back separately for X-Rays & then told that the Dentist would be in to see us soon. 1st RED FLAG….While I waited, I looked up into the shiny mirrored light, and was completely GROSSED-OUT when I noticed it was smeared, with what looked like Yellow Puss. When Janessa LeVeille, the Hygienist, came in, I let he know that my husband has DEMENTIA and NOTHING WAS TO BE DONE TO HIM (except for the agreed upon Cleaning) WITHOUT SPEAKING TO ME FIRST.

She left the room to notify someone of this, and began Probing my Teeth when she returned. 2nd RED FLAG…As the Hygienist probed each tooth, she went back & forth to her computer keyboard to record the scores)….which I thought…..How Sanitary is that? (She’s got her hands in my mouth and then touching her computer keyboard after probing each tooth.)

Usually….there are 2 people involved in Probing (one to enter the scores while the Hygienst probes)…NASTY…POOR ME & MY HUSBAND….Are we being exposed to disease? After the probing, she brought up my X-Rays on the Screen and said that I had Gum Disease and needed Deep Cleaning. 3rd RED FLAG… I told her that we had just had our teeth cleaned 6 months ago…and we both WERE HAVING NO PROBLEMS….and wanted our Routine Teeth Cleaning, as originally specified.

She went on and on about Gum Disease, and STILL….I told her we only wanted the Routine Cleaning. 4th RED FLAG…When she was done, the Receptionist came in and told me that my bill would be $360 and my husband’s bill would be $240. I told her that we have never paid a penny for teeth cleanings and that our insurance covered the teeth cleaning in full….and we have no plans to pay anything for a routine dental cleaning.

At that point I asked for the name of the owner of the company, and was ignored (5th RED FLAG). As we were leaving, the Receptionist gave me a business card and stated that she could not give me a phone number (6th RED FLAG) , but gave me the Email address of the owner ([email protected]).

When I got home, I phoned my Dental Insurance Company and Filed a Verbal & Online Written Grievance against Port Orange Modern Dentistry. About a week later, we received bills ($360 & $240) in the mail (as they had specified AFTER the cleanings were done). The Grievances for me and my husband specified that Port Orange Modern Dentistry performed Deep Cleaning (Scaling & Root Planing on our entire mouths) without notifying us of this, and without a Treatment Plan & without our authorization for these services.

We requested that both bills be nullified & requested that Port Orange Modern Dentistry be removed from Delta Dental as In-Network Providers because of their business improprieties for performing procedures without our approval or knowledge, and expecting to be paid for this FRAUD. My bill was $360 ($120 more since they injected 2 Arestin nodules, stating that I had infection in 2 areas) and my husband’s bill was $240.

I phoned my Dental Insurance Company when the bills arrived, and they told me to notify the Dentist, that Delta Dental requires 30 days (3/24 – 4/24/22) to work our Grievance Cases, to notify them that the bills would not be paid within 30 days. I Emailed the Owner of the Business & the Port Orange Modern Dentistry “Contact Us” link to notify them that these bills would not be paid within 30 days, while my Insurance Company “works” the Grievances.

Delta Dental was late completing the Grievance Process, and I received letters from them on May 3rd, 2022 stating that Port Orange Modern Dentistry had BILLED US CORRECTLY and APOLOGIZED FOR OUR INCONVENIENCE, since we were not satisfied with their In-Network Provider. At this point we had no choice but to pay the bills or our credit would be at-risk, or pay much more money to hire a lawyer to sue them for FRAUD/MISREPRESENTATION.

Important to note here….Port Orange Modern Dentistry is part of “Smile Generation – Trusted Office”….which is a joke, that they could be “TRUSTED” since they SCAMMED us out of $600. After being SCAMMED, I looked up ONLINE the justification for performing “Scaling & Root Planing” and these procedures are ONLY TO BE PERFORMED IF THERE IS PERIODONTAL/GUM DISEASE….which is defined as “Symptoms include Infected/Red/Swollen/Tender/Bleeding Gums w/ Painful Chewing and/or Loose/Sensitive Teeth.

My husband and I had NONE of these symptoms….AGAIN “FRAUD”! Also, ROOT PLANING IS ONLY SUPPOSED TO BE DONE BY THE PERIODONTIST WHEN Tartar and bacteria have caused your gums to BECOME INFECTED and the bone holding your teeth is in now in jeopardy…..There was NO INFECTION….AGAIN “FRAUD”!

Also….Arestin Treatment (for infection) is ONLY TO BE ADMINISTERED FOR GUM POCKETS IN EXCESS OF 5mm or Deeper….but…how would we know how deep our gum pockets were, since the Hygienist showed neither of us any PROOF ….AGAIN “FRAUD”! PLEASE…PLEASE...PLEASE….PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR POCKETBOOKS FROM FRAUD! DON’T GO TO PORT ORANGE MODERN DENTISTRY.

Thanks for your time & support in BOYCOTTING Port Orange Modern Dentistry!….Michael & Robin

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