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Porsche Beaverton

Country United States
State Oregon
City Beaverton
Address 13875 SW Tualatin Valley Hwy
Phone 1 503-718-6060

Porsche Beaverton Reviews

  • Jun 26, 2018

For some time I have been for a CPO 2014 Cayenne Platinum Edition and found one on and at Porsche Beaverton, aka Sunset Porsche. The car was also listed on the dealership’s website. I contacted the dealership using the Autotrader website. Kyle McLean from the dealership replied to my request via email and we started to negotiate the price of the vehicle listed for sale. I agreed to a fairly high price for this vehicle because I wanted a CPO and this vehicle had over 2 ½ years left on the warranty. It also had the options and color I was looking for. I am located in San Francisco and this car was located just outside of Portland, Oregon. I could not see the vehicle before agreeing to purchase so I relied on the advertisement and the information on the dealership’s website that this was in fact a Platinum Edition.

The dealership arranged financing and provided me with a term sheet listing the vehicle as a 2014 Porsche Cayenne, Platinum Edition.

I agreed to the terms and flew to pick up the vehicle. When I arrived at the dealership, the salesperson showed me the car and I asked him, is this the Platinum Edition and he said yes it was…with the black out package. The car was in excellent shape, so I agreed to purchase, and the dealer prepared the paperwork. I was taken into the finance manager’s office and quickly told to sign the documents provided in the requisite spots. I checked the loan terms but did not check to see if the words Platinum Edition were listed on the contract…they were not. I relied on the ad, the loan documents provided to me and the salesmen that this vehicle was in fact a Platinum Edition. I have never owned a Cayenne before, so I did not know the difference between a Base and Platinum Edition Cayenne.

I drove off with the car and after a few days, decided to look online at a video for a Platinum Edition so I could understand the features this trim level provides. I noticed a few things were missing on my vehicle, so I contacted Kyle at Porsche Beaverton. He said he would check the build sheet and get back to me. I decided to also contact Porsche North America to ask them if my vehicle was in fact a Platinum Edition. They replied in a couple of days and told me my vehicle was a Base model. I immediately contacted Porsche Beaverton and after a few back and forth emails, they informed me that the contract did not state Platinum Edition, therefore there was nothing they could do for me.

They admitted the ad and the loan term sheet said Platinum Edition. Basically, this dealership falsely advertised a vehicle, promoted it to me in writing and in person as the vehicle advertised, then charged me for a Platinum Edition and not a Base model (at least $7000 more) and then switched the paperwork at the last minute to trick me into buying something I did not want or negotiate for. False advertising and bait and switch fraud best describe the criminals at Porsche Beaverton. I am in the process of filing a lawsuit against them and a complaint with the Oregon Attorney Genera

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