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Pornstar Platimum

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 7582 Las Vegas Blvd So, Ste
Phone 702-739-3999

Pornstar Platimum Reviews

  • Nov 30, 2018

Well this rip off report about Pornstar Platinum is not About the quality of the porn. Before I get into my real intention with this company, I should take a second to address that. The only reason I signed up for this stupid website is because I met one of the "actresses” at the strip club appearance. She said I could keep in touch with her on porn star platinum If you look at the tour of the site, it looks like it might even be pretty decent, and promises you frequent three shows with the porn stars him selves.

Upon entering this site, it is way to clear that there is anything but true. Among other problems, the members area is almost completely devoid of content, loaded with all of sales, the video streaming is poor in the live shows an interaction a promised is equally nonexistent. Upon joining this site, you can take a one dollar trial in this is where everything really go sideways.

After being in the members area for just a short amount of time I realized that the site was a complete rip off, so I figured what was to be lost it was only a dollar and I canceled.

Or that’s what I thought. So I never logged in again, but come the next month I noticed on my credit card statement there was a one dollar charge. Followed by another charge for $39.39. Followed by two additional charges for $39. I looked at the dates of the transactions in realize that all of them work tied to that one dollar purchase. So I sent an email in to their "support". They told me everything would be refunded. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The next month I didn’t look at my credit card statement till the end of the cycle and saw another hundred dollars of charges have been banged on to my credit card as well as the additional amount not being refunded. I went back in called their awesome support guy named Dan, and he promise that everything would be fixed, but this has continued to this day. I am on the verge of just cutting that credit card off because I cannot figure out how to make these sleazy bastards stop charging me. Let this be a lesson to you, adult entertainment is free for reason because the rest of it is just a rip off I highly suggest you avoid porn star platinum all costs.

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