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Country United Kingdom
State England
City London
Address 71-75, Shelton Street, Covent Garden

PopPoly Reviews

  • May 29, 2018

Almost 60 day wait for an incredibly inferior product! Shoddy assembly of what was to be a gift of a sweater.

Not the item described or shown. Seams all bunched up, inside seam edge poked through to outside.

Requested a refund, told $5 and I pay for shipping. PayPal would not provide Buyer Protection. Really poor quality, poor service, poor business practices! Buy elsewhere!

  • Dec 30, 2017

Ordered over a month ago they have my money but i don’t a my gift. Geez

Worst company ever

Won’t ever order again

And i hope no one else does

  • Dec 29, 2017

This website is the worst! Do not buy from this foreign retailer as they use false images of apparel that looks nothing like what arrived.

This experiece was the worst, they do not accept your returns unless you pay for the international shipping (which was way more than the order) and they will only refund you $5 if you can not ship it back. Their customer service was horrific as you can completley tell they do not understand what you are asking either due to the language barrier.

Terrible experience overall, buyers beware!

  • Dec 28, 2017

I ordered 2 cardigans. The were described as little lamb hooded cardigan. The products I received were. cheap robe material. i e mailed them and was told to send pictures, which I did. they told me it was the lighting of their pics and offered me $3.00 and told me I can give away or sell the items. we e mailed back and forth. they said I could send back but would be charged by customs and they would charge the fee they paid when sent to me. I spent $ 54.88 and wouldn't even give these horrible sweaters away. I tried to go thru paypal to get my money back and they said I received item as described, but never even asked for pics or compared what was on website. I'm beyond disgusted. I am also cancelling my PayPal. I have never returned anything I have ordered online.

  • Dec 18, 2017

I purchased a top from this company for $22.50. It took a month to receive it.. there website say it takes 8-15 days to arrive. I finally received it and tried it on and the fit was off and the lines of the peplum were way off.

I contacted the company to tell them i wanted to return it and they wanted me to take pictures of it and i did and emailed them to them. They came back and said that it would cost $30.00 to return this item to them and i had the option of returning the item on my dime which they told me it would cost $30.00 and they would only refund me $8.00.

This is what there return policy says: We pride ourselves in our product quality and strict quality control.But we hope this will encourage you to take your time in selecting your purchases and feel free to reach out to us with any questions regarding sizing or styling. We get over100 new styles a week and hope we can assist you in finding something new if your purchase doesn't work out!but to, provide you with maximum peace of mind, we offer a comprehensive 30 Days Return Warranty.

Defective merchandises are subject to exchange within 30 days. I Return Process: To guarantee a fast and smooth warranty process: 1.If you had any problem after you received your item, please send email to our customer service:[email protected], 2.please send us your order number and describe the issue and provide us pictures that display the problem. 3. Once we have the complaint form back or the details, we will reply you in 24hrs; 4.4.You are guaranteed of returning the item(s) and obtaining a refund or an exchange once we received your returned items.For returned packages, we will notify customers via e-mail and the refund will be processed within 2 business days after package received. Tips: Please do not make returns directly to the address on the package received. Please only send to the address that our customer service provided. Any return or exchange will be valid when it is accepted by our customer service center.

They will not follow there own return policy... This kind of buiness needs to be shut down and not allowed to even operate in the United States.

I did ask them when i was ordering where they were located and the response i got back was they have a warehouse and store in the United States so i felt that this was a safe place to order from.

I want my full refund back of $22.50 I want some results on this issue

These people need to be stopped.

  • Dec 16, 2017

They are scamming consumers by posting one picture of the item and sending you an awful not even close version of it. They are stealing legimate ad photos from sites and cutting the head off. I don't know why Facebook is letting them do this to it's customers.

I contacted them and they won't respond. I am contacting Paypal now.

  • Dec 11, 2017

The items I received is nothing like the photos on their site. It was very very poor quality. After I disclosed about my dissatisfaction, they required me to take photos showing the defects, and said its subject to their discretion. I just saw so many negative reviews about them on the Internet complaining the same things. Their website should be flagged and banned on the Internet. I've attached their photos, had problems uploading photos of what I received to compare.

  • Dec 2, 2017

I placed order through they website, the website claim that was locate in Texas, the items took 2 months to arrived and arrived in horrible packaged conditions, the items was damages, tried to contact the company by email, because they didn't have phone number , I paid for those items through PayPal, so I open a claim against them in PayPal, witch PayPal tried to resolved the issue , but PayPal ask me to return the items for full refund , so than was when I found out that the return address was locate in China , I couldn't be able to return the items because would cost me more than I paid, I sent a several emails to the company to resolve the issue, and their offer me partially refund and now they disappear without send me the refund, I search for this company reviews online and are several complains just like mine, unfortunately I had the idea to do the research now after all this happened .Now the company email seem not available anymore, but the company still advertising on Face Book, and the website seem still doing business in another words Rip Off people.

  • Nov 29, 2017

This company is a scam! I bought 3 items from them, they look nothing like the pictures on their website. They are beyond cheap, couldn't be the same clothing as on their pictures. One of the items, a sweater came with a huge hole in the back. Their website claims to have a 30 day return warranty to give customers peace of mind it says. However, you must email them your reason for return and attach pictures first. I did so and after a couple emails they told me that they could give me a $5 compensation and maybe I could sell the items. Or I could return the items if I pay shipping back to China and then when they get them, they will give me a refund. However, after reading others' complaints about the company, I highly doubt they will refund my money even if I do pay to ship the items back and I will just end up losing the cost of the shipping which is more money lost at this point

This company is obviously a scam and fraudulent. It has gorgeous pictures on their website that they know will appeal to American buyers, however the actual clothes are completely cheap and don't look anything like the pictures. And they have no intentions of refunding anyone's money for dissatisfaction or even damaged merchandise.

  • Nov 29, 2017

I received a product that was nothing like what was shown on their website. The fabric and style were very different from the description and when I tried to return the item, they told me they would refund $5 of my $27 total, and give me a store coupon. I did not want a coupon. I wanted to return the item for a full refund.

I was also required to provide photos to show them what my complaint was and even though the photos showed how different my item was from their photo, they would not accept a return for a full refund.

  • Nov 3, 2017

This company is REALLY bad! It's a scam! Product doesn't look anything like the pictures! They are outside of the US! They don't have a warehouse in the US! They don't cover the cost to return the product back to China! They don't give your money back even if you pay the return cost! If you are also frustrated with this company make sure you open a case reporting them to the following Bureaus: - Econsumer . gov; - FTC . gov (877)382-4357; - IC3 . gov 1.800.952-5225. They use PayPal but PayPal won't help you either... in the beginning yes, but they won't get your money back. You can also report PayPal on the above Bureaus plus the following: - BBB . gov; - Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (855)411-2372. AVOID HEADACHE!• DON'T BUY FROM POPPOLY . COM

  • Oct 9, 2017

The company sent me the wrong item after over 1 month of waiting and has been unresponsive to return item. There are multiple reports of the same issue from many other customers. This a scam and they are ripping off many people.

  • Aug 31, 2017

This site steals their photos somewhere because their product looks nothing like what they are advertising online. The dress I ordered was made out of cheap, low-quality material and looks like a little kid made it - the seams are crooked, the zipper sticks out, there are loose threads hanging all over the place. The size is waaaaay off, too, I couldn't even fit my arm inside the sleeve.

Forget aboout trying to get a refund or return their stuff. They tell you to send the unwearable clothes back to China and pay your own shipping costs.

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