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Pools by Ben, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Santa Clarita
Address P O Box 801056
Phone 661-263-7503

Pools by Ben, Inc. Reviews

  • Apr 27, 2017


I don’t usually bother to issue a complaint about a business under most circumstances but this company has really taken the cake with unethical, immoral, and reprehensible – ACTUALLY EVEN CRIMINAL – business practices. We had a pool pump that was having issues on a property we owned in Los Angeles and called our Home Warranty Company to take care of it and they sent over “Pools by Ben” to do the work.

They decided to install a pump that was energy efficient and qualified for a rebate to us the property owner from Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. For the rebate, they left the old pump there. Now they were paid by the home warranty company for the full bill of parts and labor.

We did drag our feet about getting the rebate done simply because we are very very busy lately with personal problems. Soon we started to receiving very aggressive calls from Pools by Ben demanding that we do the rebate and sending us the paperwork and demanding we fill it out. We decided to comply with them, despite their extremely rude, disrespectful, and disgraceful behavior towards us, as we did intend on doing the rebate anyway.

After filling out the paperwork incorrectly purely by an innocent accident, they proceeded to illegally, without our permission, without our knowledge, trespass on to our property, broke our pool system to STEAL the new pool pump, and also STOLE my old pool pump. Now they are refusing to return my phone calls.

In addition to this, from what I have read of reviews online, it seems that we are not this company’s first victim of this kind.


  • Dec 24, 2016

This is an absolutely horrible company. They were assigned to us by our home warranty company, first american home warranty and they have done nothing but give us a headache and NO RESULTS!

I dealt with Jill who answers phones over there and she was an unprofessional b****.

Alex came to the house, seemed like a nice guy said he didnt know the problem why the pool level was getting lower, he tried a few things but said he would have to come back to "Reassess".

Meanwhile, no progress happened, we called Jill, she promised to get back to me the next day after she spoke with Alex - never did. On the next call, she gave me the excuse that her office was waiting for the insurance company to get back to the them to let them know the next step.

A few days later, we called again, now the rep at pools by ben claimed they had no notes on our property in their system! They gave us the runaround for weeks.

To make matters worse, the company finally got back to the home warranty insurance company after a few weeks and said it must be an underground leak, despite the fact that Alex never came back to reassess anything. Now, thanks to this vendors negligence, I cannot make a claim under my warranty and I still don't know what the problem is.

I am filing a complaint with the contractors license board and every online vendor I can find. This company was not listed on BBB.

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