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Plantation Resort

Country United States
State South Carolina
City North Surfside Beach
Address 1250 US Highway 17
Phone 800. 845. 5039

Plantation Resort Reviews

  • Jan 8, 2019

Jones BBB in VA We have never used this timeshare because we were never able to book a vacation with this timeshare. We attempted to book a vacation in Orlando in July 2017 and in Pittsburgh in December 2016. Besides not finding anything available when and where we wanted to go, the Customer Service Rep was unable to help us book a vacation because nothing we suggested had any openings.

How is this possible? None of the options in the destinations we chose was available. The salesmen wrote things down as we were talking. Pricing information, booking information, all on the same sheet of paper, very confusing. We didn’t get to take these notes with us to remind us later what they had said.

Our paperwork says we have weeks 24E1/7 odd. It also says that we have 41,500 points. It also says that we purchased a bronze season which is six weeks. What does this all mean? It is useless information because as noted above we can’t get a vacation booked anywhere at any time. You would think that with these three seemingly different options the customer service reps would have been able to plug us in somewhere we wanted to go and when!

The salesmen told us that we could use the resort grounds even if we don’t stay there. Again, there was no explanation how to do this. Is this a benefit? We have to stay another place and pay for it, so that we can use the facilities at the resort, which we are also paying for. Does this make sense? It is paying twice for using the grounds when we can’t even get a vacation there.

The program is very difficult to use and looking back it is very confusing to figure out. The salesmen sold us on traveling the world easily and cheaply with this timeshare. Cheaper than staying in hotels. And we would stay in luxurious places. We can’t even get to stay in the villas in South Carolina. They told us that we could easily sell the timeshare and get rid of it at any time.

Unfortunately, these resellers want money out-of-pocket and we aren’t willing to do that. We have called and emailed the timeshare to take this back. We found that they don’t do "buy-backs”, which is contrary to what the salesmen told us. When we were in the process of buying the timeshare, everyone we met was very helpful and nice.

Since then it has been very difficult to get hold of anyone to help booking the vacations we wanted or to listen to the complaints we have. The same with Monterey Financial; they are unreachable. The salesmen lied to us about the benefits and advantages of the timeshare purchase and used high-pressure sales tactics to get us to buy right at that time, creating a false sense of urgency.

This timeshare is far from the great financial find that they told us about; it is a drain on us and worthless because we can’t use it as they promised. On top of all that, they ignore our complaint letters most of the time and the one time they did answer the rep told us they would not cancel this contract AND they would not be responding to any more letters. They sure wanted our money but now that we have called them on the lies and deceptions of the salesmen they want nothing to do with us.

  • Aug 8, 2015

Michael S Fornal is a crook my family and I went to what we thought was a presentation turned out to be a timeshare sell we declined Michael came over and fast talked us into a sample share he told us our credit would not be ran but it was and it was a hard hit that lowered my credit score, he didn't tell us that you could only go a certain time of the year we only vacation the first week the kids get out of school. I called him on the cell phone number he lied and said I could cancel 4 days later after I found out all of the information which was on June 25, and then told me to call after 5PM that didn't make sense so I call the 800 number and get sent to a bunch of voice mails I left messages no on returned my call and now on 8/5 I see a credit added to my credit i call angry and am told that the documents just was processed as of yesterday so like I said before Michael Slate Fornal lied to me. This was shady business Don't get a timeshare or sampler package they take advantage of people who are unfimilar with this.

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