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Pioneer Loan & Jewelry

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 520 N Eastern Ave # 150
Phone 702-384-2970

Pioneer Loan & Jewelry Reviews

  • Aug 1, 2015

I have been a loyal customer with Pioneer for over a year and have since paid off my title loan. After paying it off I got a new title loan with them again. Which I paid off early and then got a new loan again. To this point there was never an issue with them or there policies. Just recently I encountered issues because I paid my loan earlier than the due date. Now they refuse to allow me to get the same title loan that I have have multiple times, because I pay it off before due date. So in order for them to maximize on their customer they will only allow me to get a title loan with different conditions that prevent me to pay loan off without paying all the interest so basically i am forced to pay the interest either way in full no matter if I pay it back before date due. The reasoning behind this new policy has yet to be explained why it suddenly changed and why would they deny me from getting the same loan. I pay interest either way so whats the problem right. well I talked to their "manager Alma" which was a horrible mess. She not only was rude and short with poor customer service. She actually made the situation worse with pentalizing my current loan with them with new fees. My inital loan was for $1000 which was down to $833 as per two agents I confirmed with earlier in the day. After speaking with Alma she not only told me I can go else where she added $200 to my Loan stating that in my contract a late payment results in paying the full interest which has never happend. I have been late before and paid as normal plus I talked to them and it was noted on the file. She said it was a mistake and I have no choice but to pay this $200 in addition to my loan for being late with my payment. I tried to reason with her but she was cold and unprofessional. She wanted to punish me for telling her that I would take my business else where. I asked to speak with her boss and she said that was the owner and I could not speak to him. She instead of helping me she made the situation worse. is this legal that $200 can be added for being late when it was already noted and approved. I had even verified with the two other agents Karen and Angie prior to speaking to her. she took it upon herself to tack them on. Please help! I am at my wit end about this mess. who else can help me or can i complain to?

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