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Pierre Arden

Country United States
State Alabama

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  • Jun 8, 2020

On 5/4 I was contacted via social media by this company claiming to sell watches. They offered a 50% discount to individuals that agreed to purchase their watches and tag them in photos once it arrived. The watches never arrived.

When I contacted their customer service I was given misleading information on multiple occasions to include fake tracking numbers and they refuse to refund my money.

They claim to be a UK based company but their social media accounts are registered in the Philippines.

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  • Jul 2, 2020


This happened to me as well—refuse to refund me saying “we don’t refund discounted items”. I never ducking received the items in the first place.


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  • Jun 19, 2020

Pierre Arden

This happened to me too. Ridiculous.

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  • Jul 4, 2020

Pierre Shitten

Happened to me too. Absolute w*nkers won't give me my money back, even though under the consumer rights act, I am legally entitled to my money back. Difference is, mine arrived but they are definitely NOT what you pay for. They're cheap chinese crap that you can buy at a boot sale or market stall for a fiver.

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  • Jun 17, 2020

Pierre Arden: TOTAL SCAM

I had this guys contact me on Instagram, offering 50% on all watches. When I asked him questions on the watch, the answers were very vague, something that a watch seller would not do. That raised my doubts. I checked some of the models were available on Chinese websites like WIsh and Aliexpress. I asked him about manufacturing country and he said UK. When asked about branding missing from the dial, he had no answer and stopped responding. STAY AWAY from this scamster!

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  • Jul 2, 2020

Pierre Arden

They started hitting me up on Instagram. Thanks for the info.

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  • Jul 11, 2020

Total scam company

If I could give no stars I would. This exact thing happened and it is ridiculous. Cannot believe they also include supposedly endorsed commentary from GQ Magazine and other stewards in the men's fashion industry. These claims are spurious and are not at all endorsed. I am very surprised they have not been shut down.

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  • Aug 4, 2020

Yep got scammed

I actually received one of their watches but the thing is it’s cheaply made and hard to work do not fall for it like I unfortunately did I can’t even get my money back because they won’t let me what makes it worst is I believe that the discount code doesn’t work because I was charged the full price in my bank account at this hopefully people look into this and avoid buying these overpriced watches

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  • Jul 22, 2020

Total Scam

My son bought a watch from them without my knowledge and it is a cheap piece of garbage. He is trying to get a refund, but I won't hold my breath. Stay away from this company and their terrible products.

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  • Jul 20, 2020


I was also contacted by this company. They offered me a 60% discount. Thinking it was shameless promotion I purchased a watch. It just arrived today 2.5 months later. Claiming to be from London UK. Note: the packaging says Markham Canada. The watch is nothing like they advertised meaning cheap and does not work. Total scam. Feels like something from a vending machine. The strap broke right away as well. BBB shut this company down.

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  • Jul 4, 2020

Fell for the old "buy our stuff at 50% off" like an absolute idiot. The "watches" are s**tty chinese market stall and aren't worth more than £5. They refused to give me my money back, even after threatening legal action as i am legally entitled to a refund if items are not as described. Do not fall for this scam

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