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Piece of the Past, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Las Vegas
Address 9030 W. Sahara Ave. #448
Phone 951-258-4968

Piece of the Past, Inc. Reviews

  • Feb 11, 2020

I purchased several items from Kevin Martin from Piece of the Past for resale. One of the items was a framed Carroll Shelby autograph. Unfortunately the item was poorly made and a Shelby Snake patch fell off the back board due to incorrectly attachment. We opened the piece and properly secured the patch.

The item was eventually sold but the "Certificate of Authencity" was incorrect for the item purchased. There was several discrepancies including the location of the signature, color of the ink, and method of signature. Proof of the original item and the incorrect certificate was provided to Kevin requesting him to provide the correct certificate and confirm with our customer the validation of his company.

Kevin's response was for us to take the item back. We lost a sale, plus the shipping cost and credit card fees. I attempted on several occasions to review the preceding with Kevin Martin but he would just hang up. He refused to take our telephone calls or to resolve his mistake of providing the incorrect certificate.

When a challenge occurs, Kevin Martin will NOT stand behind his product or his company. I highly recommend to avoid this individual and his company. I have had the preceding confirmed with other prominent retailers in Las Vegas who offer framed autographs and will NOT do business with Kevin Martin.

He is not considered honorable nor will resolve challenges created by his company. Please confirm with other firms before considering Piece of the Past.

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