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Petplan Pet Insurance

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Newtown Square
Address 3805 West Chester Pike, Suite 240
Phone 866-467-3875

Petplan Pet Insurance Reviews

  • Mar 30, 2019

I purchase pet health insurance from Pet Plan for my dog before he was 11 months old. It was $24./mo with $100. deductible for each illness or accident and then pays 90%. It was fine as long as I was paying my premiums and didn't file claims.

He had an accident when he was 2 and need surgery on his eye which was not extensive and cost about $650. He is now blind in that eye. Subsequently, he needed, and continues to need drops in his eyes daily and eye pressure checks a couple of times a year. They paid according to the original plan 90% after the $100. deductible and they paid 90% for his drops for 2 months-$30./mo After the second month they stopped paying because they said it wasnt part of the original claim. Why else would I be putting drops in his eyes? The drops have cost me over $1000. out of pocket since his accident.

Then, of course, my premium went up several times to $37. (roughly 50%) and my deductible went up from $100. to $200.

Three months ago my dog just started falling over every time he tried to stand up. I rushed him to our wonderful vet. When he tried to walk in the exam room leaned on the wall so he woulnd't fall over. She did testing said it was hopefully a vertigo attack, and if not, she would refer him to the Cornell University Hospital for Animals the next day. The bill came to $325. Fortunately, he was OK the next day and didnt need additional testing.

I had the insurance for with me and my vet faxed the claim the same day I brought him in. Until that point I had no idea they had increased my deductible. so I expected a payment of roughly $200. After 6 weeks and repeated contacts, and excuses, they finally paid $63. When I complained they told me that they deducted one of the tests the vet did - checking his eye pressure! They said that was part of his ordinary care and not for the condition he was brought in for. And, of course, the $200. deductible which I was not aware of the increase.

Totally bogus. Given the prior injury to his eye andit lack of balance that day it was certainly appropriate to check his eye pressure. AND they should have been paying for the eye drops and pressure checks from the time of the accident, but they weaseled out of it.

So, they are sweet as pie untill you have a claim and then don't count on them to pay. Do count on the to keep raising your premiums & deductibles. If I had just put that money aside every month and paid out of pocket I would be ahead today.

  • Jul 29, 2018

The Ashtons sell Pen Insurance they are the owners of Petplan

They are stealing from people

I met my deductible and moved then six weeks later I was told I "Un-Met" my deductible.

How is that possiable. they do this on purpose and look for every excuse not to pay claims, they seperate out every study every test and give some bogus excuse. They even mixed up my dogs medical record with another dog. They don't read anything they just look for excuses not to pay their claims

This is not the only incident I've had with Petplan and I am not the only one

People like to report on just "How wonderful" business people they are but no one talks about the stealing and the "ripping off" of people that people like the Chris and Natasha Ashtons do

  • Nov 15, 2016

I took my ACD to the vet in August where she was diagnosed with Valley Fever. They took xrays and blood tests. The insurance company has repeatedly told me they need a history from the vet. This is the only time the dog was ever seen for an illness. She is not even two years old. The vet has sent three copies of the bill and his report about the office visit but the insurance company refuses to acknowledge that fact. They have stalled on reimbursement (only 80% and $200.00 deductible) long enough to get a second Premium payment out of me. They have plenty of customer reviews on their website explaining how much money they have paid back to customers but they all sound like they were written by management! Don't waste your time and money on these people!

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