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Peta Gay Pitt

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 876-632-8933

Peta Gay Pitt Reviews

  • Nov 17, 2017

Petta Gay Pit used our services as a Miami Warehouse to deliver merchandise toour facility in order to consolidate and ship to a shady place in Fort Lauderdale.

She sent a ton of material without notice and then accused us of not shipping everything.

She did not pay us for the services.

A few weeks after we stopped working with us, we were contacted by the fraud departments of several companies claiming that a stolen credit card was used to purchase the products that were delivered to us.

She had shipments form different areas of the world coming to Miami which did not make sense.

We acted on good faith while she had the intention of defrauding us.

2 other companies in Miami suffered the same fate.

Thsi incident happened last year and she continues to use the same parctices.

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