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Pet Event Pros.

Country United States
State Missouri
City Saint Louis
Address 7750 Maryland Avenue, #11272
Phone 800-977-3609

Pet Event Pros. Reviews

  • Feb 27, 2019

They are on their last leg

I have been following, writing and currently collecting data on this

group since 2016 when they supposed to hold a show, but cancelled

at the last minute. I have never been refunded and have been in

touch with several vendors that were treated similarly or worse.

You can sign a petition to have the MO Attorney General investigate

them. go to and here's the direct link cut and paste:

  • Nov 15, 2018

This company is scary. They do their 'sales dance' to encourage you to submit money and they can do 'anything' to help build your website. I was persuaded and when I didn't fill out their questionnaire and did not sign their contract, they called me and the owner went into a rage, threatening me ~ as if threatening me would 'force' or 'make' me send them money. When I refused they immediately and completely lied to try and ruin me on this website.

The owner, Brian, in a rage, claimed they have developed 3,000+ websites.

Craig, their head of Web Designing claimed that all the negative reports against them posted with the Better Business Bureau [10 to date] and on websites like this one, are due to past employees ~ clearly their current way of doing business continues to give them a very bad, and rightful, reputation.

Please do not be persuaded by them. They are bullies, and operate illegally. They tried to tell me that my saying I was interested in hiring them is a Binding contract, can you believe this? I never hired them, gave them permission to develop anything for me [although they claim they went ahead and started working on my website ~ although they do not have any access to my website[s], nor was their contract signed or returned by me, nor was any money given to them to begin a business arrangement with them.

Buyer Beware. This company is easy to discover why you shouldn't do business with them, based on their past experiences and numerous complaints, including this one now.

Their submission about me is so very false. I never told them, nor do I know, Oprah ~ although I have had meetings in the past with her Producers. I did not, nor would I ever hire this company ~ Ultimate Pet Websites, or support their Amazing Pet Expos.

I feel so bad for all the people who hired them and lost money and did not get the results they were promised. I am so glad I never hired them, sent them money, signed their contract, and have the opportunity here to share this with you with the hopes you never have the negative experience, albeit how short it was ~ couple phone calls, that I suffered at the hands of their bullying, angry, rip-off, vindictive staff.

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