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Persianrose Cattery

Country United States
State Delaware
City New Castle
Phone 302-230-1113

Persianrose Cattery Reviews

  • Jul 29, 2016

My experience is she sold us a sickly kitten. Took him to vet in less than 24 hours. First words out of vet's mouth was "Do you have a health guarantee." We kept the kitten and did right by him. He had ringworm, ear mites, worms, hyper-pigmented bald spots, crusty areas, cloudy scarred injured eye, he was 12 weeks old & only 1 lb in weight (skin and bones). I fed him, he ate franticly for days. Within 10 days we put 6 ounces of weight on him and that is substantial considering he was only 16 ounces when he came to us.

I contacted her immediately on arriving home about his eye and she said she was sorry she did not tell me he had a cold last week and she was putting terramycin in it. My vet said it was a long term injury and the eye is scarred. PersianRose disagreed, but she neglected to tell me he had a bad eye that was being medicated.

As far as the ringworm, I had asked her about the bald hyper-pigmented spots and she never replied.

I asked her about a fungus and she said she didn't know what to tell me, that she ALWAYS uses antibiotic shampoos .

I asked for some money refunded to help cover expenses for his vet visits for his eye and she mailed me a check. A note was included to say I will not receive any more monies and all vet expenses are my expense.

We've cared for him 24/7 for weeks. Several vet visits and meds. The good news is we saved him. Unfortunately cattery has blocked us and doesn't want to know how well he is anymore.

Another note of deception and possible fraud is we have reason to believe the pictures we received of him at 7 weeks old was actually pictures of a kitten from 2013. We found very similar pictures on her facebook page and for the kitten we received to have morphed so many times from light to dark, having not much hair and it was very light in color .. to having lots of hair that was dark in color ... to when we picked him up to having very light hair and little of it again... doesn't seem possible. It is interesting that before we went to pick him up, she warned us that he doesn't look like his 7 week old picture, that he is very light in color now.

There is more to the story, these are the basic facts. I have screen shots of all our conversations and exchanges so I can back up everything I've said here. This is my experience with PersianRose Cattery. She advertises on ebay classifieds Delaware.

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