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Perriello Eye Care

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Milford
Address 208 Main St #104
Phone 508-634-3937

Perriello Eye Care Reviews

  • Jan 9, 2016

I had went to see Dr. Caroline Perriello (Consigli) in October of 2015. I had seen her when I was very young but then had got LASIK and didn't need glasses or contacts. A retina specialist I see had said my dry eye was due to a nerve issue after LASIK which basically partially paralyzes the blinking mechanism so you have dry eye. I wasn't sure if my LASIK had regressed or if the dry eye was causing the issue so I went to see Dr. Perriello. She wasn't sure if the dry eye was affecting my prescription for glasses either so she wanted to follow up with me in 2 months which the office staff of just one woman - canceled. I then saw her recently and she said the dry eye wasn't the issue with my sight but gave me a prescription for a steroid drop that she desired me on until basically March.

I had an issue with my insurance changing midnight the day after I saw her. I told her office staff that. I also told her office staff that I would call the next morning with that number for the new insurance. Dr. Perriello decided to listen to that message and when I called to tell her receptionist the new number - Dr. Perriello answered and once I stated who I was she became extremely rude telling me I left a lengthy message (which was to help them out in billing) it definitely wasn't to help me out, and that she was too busy to honestly look into my concerns and that she didn't think she could get to a preauthorization the insurance wanted until a couple of weeks.

When the pharmacy called and told me that they still had no news for me I told them my eye dr just told me she couldn't get to the preauthorization for a few weeks. They couldn't believe it, and told me to contact my pcp who took it upon himself to get the records so that I didn't have to and do a preauthorization within minutes. He also is very busy but did what you would expect the prescribing doctor to do, not your primary care. I could not believe how rude she was since she is the one that desired me on this medication until March and then wanted to follow up. It seems that once they get your insurance information (which they won't see you unless they know can check beforehand to see if you are covered) ..

Then she overbooks because you surely are waiting for her as she slacks in time, gets stressed out because as she states "she's just too busy"-- and then gives you the attitude where she can't be bothered to check into things (but she checks to make sure she'll get paid for the visit ) and that she can't do up a preauthorization form because she's too busy and doesn't know when she'll get to it that your own primary has to get you the medication is ludicrous. There are plenty of other doctors in Milford mass that take most insurances that are polite and are willing to help. She in my opinion is there to see how many patients she can fit into a slot with no care about the patient.

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