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Performant Financial Corporation

Country United States
State California
City Livermore
Address 333 N Canyons Pkwy # 100
Phone 925-960-4800

Performant Financial Corporation Reviews

  • Aug 30, 2017

I was garnished by two student loan companies, which was no one's fault but my own. I contacted Department of Education and made my 5 payments in order for the garnish to end.

I did not know Performant was also garnishing me until the first companies garnish ended and there was still a garnish on my paycheck and I reached out to my payroll department to get the info due to not receiving any correspondence from Performant. I made my 5 payments, my 5th being on Aug 22nd so my paycheck on Sept 1st would not be garnished.

I was instructed by the billing department it takes "2-3 days for the system to register that I made my payment and I can call back 8/28 to verify it had gone through and get the letter sent to my payroll to end garnishment".

I made the phone call on 8/28 and was informed everything is cleared and they would fax the letter. Upon emailing my payroll department on 8/29, NO FAX had been sent from Performant. I called Performant who stated there were "no notes in the system and it would have to be looked into and I could call back Wednesday or Thursday" which is conveniently too late for my paycheck on 9/1 to not be garnished.

I did EVERYTHING on my end including dealing with bills through my garnishment AND making an extra mandatory payment for 5 months to end this garnishment and now they are giving me the run around when I am trying to keep my hard earned money.

I have called a dozen times since and keep being transferred to extensions and getting voicemails. No one will speak to me to get this handled

  • Jun 29, 2016

Performant lies and cancels your automatic payments

Worked out a payment plan with them, and they fucked up my automatic payments, now they're trying to fuck me over.

Don;tt rust this company, they're liars.

  • Jan 2, 2016

Like all other debt collection agencies, the tatics used by these organizations are pretty much the same. Being inundated with endless phone calls on speed dial from morning until late in the evening is pretty much the strategy used aside from the threating warnings coming from the collections representative who reminds you that "this call is being recorded", is like saying anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law.

I recently received two notices in the mail addressed from Performant Recovery, Inc. who is now presumedly the latest collection agency who has assumed an alleged outstanding student loan on my behalf from ECMC (Educational Credit Management Corporation) of Oakdale, Minnesota. ECMC has been harrassing me for serveral years about this student loan I alledgedly had acquired back in the nineties. Due to lack of taking the inital steps to first investigate the alleged issue on my part. Because I was so overwhelmed, I let the charge slide for several years which led to garnishment of two years of income taxes repaid to ECMC by the IRS. This also included additional repayments through bankruptcy court over a period of five years. To this day, I have no idea how much money these people have taken from me against my will since they had the authority granted by the Federal Government to do so.

Like some of the others reports on this website, I have also had to explain to the collections representative that I too was either unemployed or underemployed during these alleged inquires. They were asking for $5.00 minimum per week or every two weeks. Something I could never consent to, and that failure to comply would mean garnishment of my future job paychecks. Well, I'm still intermittently underemployed. So far no wage garshiment deducted yet, except by the IRS during tax time.

I also noticed that Peformant uses alias methods for contacting you such as a local area code number in my state which has been calling my home for several months now. The number that calls never leaves a recorded message to identify who they are. Two days ago, 12/30/2015 was the first time I was able to hear a recorded message of a female voice on the phone. I decided to call them back. The representative explained they were a collection agency of Performant Recovery calling to collect a debt. This particular ocassion, I finally spoke up because, I knew it was now the end of the year and tax time will be approaching soon. I asked for as much detailed information the agent stated they were able to convey to me about my so called debt. I got an address and fax number. I asked for the references of the persons who were named on the loan. I asked for the year and the original amount the loan was acquired for. The agent put me on hold to bring back the information I requested to include the Bank that issued said loan. I've just completed my rebutal letter of refuting all claims on my behalf against this loan. I will be watching and waiting for their response. This said loan has more than doubled from the original amount of $6,746.00 to over $15,000 dollars. That amount never seems to decrease over time no matter how much payment has been applied to it. They refer to this as collateral interests for late payment fees,etc.

To those of you who may be victims of identity fraud, such as myself, as a measure of caution; please do not give these entities more power than is needed. I do not divulge my private information over the phone. They already have what is needed on file about you. They have my social s#. I let them tell me what they have and I confirm if it's correct or not. Please don't give these people control of your bank account. That is your worst nightmare. Pay by money order or cashier's check, but never by personal check, because they can access the routing number on that personal check into your bank. Let it be known that you cannot accept personal phone calls at work!

I believe that is you have alleged debt outstanding beyond 20 years, it should be resolved somehow by now, especially if you're in no position to repay it. The debt lingers on indefinitely and make you a prisoner beholding to those who have no empathy for the wellfare of others, but their only mission is to reap what they can as often as they can at the expense of others. They lie in their statements, taking risks that they too may be recorded for the inconsistencies of the unprofessional tactics they use.

I am in the midst of perparing my case for damaging retribution against charges that were claimed against my knowledge back in 1994. Because, I did not take out a student loan for school in the year of 1994. I was a full-time employee, and would have had the evidence to prove that I was a student. A loan cannot be issued if you were not accepted at an institution. No credible bank would lend out money without documentation of witnesses to prove the acceptance into the school. Therefore, this case is erroneous.

  • Sep 4, 2015

I just got a letter saying i have an overdue balance owed to dept. of human services from the dept. of treasury. however, i have already paid off any balance i owed them and have receipt of it.

Performant letter looks unprofessional and unorganized.

Please don't trust them.

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