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Performance Ford Lincoln

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Charlotte
Address 7601 South Blvd
Phone 980-224-5854

Performance Ford Lincoln Reviews

  • Dec 23, 2015

I signed for a lease with the company change my mind when it took them so long to have my hand- controls put on. I never took possession of the car. I never took possession of the car. I called and told the people that i did not want the car. It took them too long to get my hand-controls done. i gave them enough time. Now they have put this on my credit report. I never gave them money for the car and I never made a car payment, i never drove the car off the parking lot. Now they are stating that I am behind in car payments, that the dealer made the first payment which i did not know that they had made a payment, now they are saying they are going to call it a volunteer repossession, my credit is being made bad, and i feel that they are taking advance of me because I am in a wheel-chair, when I finally got the papers and I had to go through alot of changes just to get the papers the signature that is on the paper is not my signature. When i called the lady in the office and told her this she stated that it looked like my signature I have contacted the Attorney general and when the dealer send in the comment the stated that I was married, which I am not, stated that I brought the car on a Monday when it was really on a Saturday and they had taken the car to someone I told them about and they had spent thousands and thousands of dollars to get the hand -controls done which is a lie because I did not tell them about someone who could put my hand -controls on and they did not have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to get this done.

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