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Performance Flex Serve Express Car Wash

Country United States
State Louisiana
City Shreveport
Address 6150 Roma Drive
Phone 318-798-6150

Performance Flex Serve Express Car Wash Reviews

  • Aug 12, 2016

First let me start by saying I am a former employee of preformance. I bought car washes there for years along with my family members. I went to them and asked for a job, and was told I would start the next day. I did and the first day was fine and dandy until the owner Alan Ross began to show his true colors. Let's get something straight people, everyone has there bad periods in life, me including. I have been around people under the influence of every major illegal drug. I know what someone under the influence of a drug like meth or cocaine looks like and acts like. It became very clear to me in the first day that Alan Ross was under the influence of cocaine or meth. He is constantly irate, rude, screaming, cursing, and moves around erratically. He is constantly yelling at employees for no reason, cursing, put hands on different employees, and screams and yells at customers when a problem arises. Me and the other members of the finishing team several times had comments from customers saying things like, "I will be praying for yall" "y'all are a special breed to be able to put up with him" on one occasion, a Louisiana State Trooper, in his patrol car, in uniform, commented "that man is the biggest a**hole I have ever met in my life. He treats you all like f**g slaves. If I were y'all I would quit. I am never using this place again, and I will be telling my coworkers to stay clear of here". Multiple times Allan Ross screamed at employees words like "f** you". They pay workers minimum wage for long hours in the heat, only 1 break a day, and water is not available at the work stations. The only way to have a drink is to go inside the office and buy one or bring your own to work. All the employees there hate him and there jobs. The turnover rate is extreme at this place after employees realize the work conditions and treatment of an employee. And if you are a customer, you better hope the halfA** installed equipment in the car wash does not damage your vehicle!! Alan will not pay for damages even if it is caused by his equipment. In the month that I worked there, 1 lady's new Ford Explorer had the front right headlight broken by the machine, and a man a few days later had his right rear tail light broken. Alan responded to the customers complaints on both occasions, with the words " i can not help your piece of s**t car was damaged by my machine" when both asked to have the damage repaired at his expense, he said "f**k no I am not fixing a god d**ned thing" the lady in the Explorer said "fine then I will be having my lawyer contact you with I suit for damages" and he responded "you go ahead and do that b**ch. I ain't paying for f**g s**t" Everything I said in this report is completely factual, and on my word as a man, every word stayed here is true. If anyone has questions, I can awnser them. Just click the rebuttal. Thank you and have a great day!!

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