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Performance Education

Country United States
State Utah
City Highland
Address 5406 West 11000 North Suite 103-414
Phone 801-763-8964

Performance Education Reviews

  • Apr 18, 2016

Performance education & Simple Real Estate runs a fraudulent business scheme to swindle people out of their money. They provide misleading or exaggerated claims in advertising to invite peopel out to free seminars where they promise to teach you their trade secrets to success. Upon arriving to the the alleged free seminar at a Luxury Hotel called The Beverly Hilton you can take pictures with a reality TV star such as Scott McGillivary star of income Property. After a 30 second photo opportunity with him you are can attend the so called seminar where you are promised to learn the secrets to succes in flipping homes. The presenters were Steve Johnson, Steve Sitkowski and Wanyn Gray. They start the presentation off with fuzzy math and incredibly fast revealing of th potential to mak "tens" of thousands of profits every time you make a deal, along with vague definitions of common house flipping mehtods like wholesaling and rehabbing a house. They kep telling the audience that we will show you how to get you deal done in 100 days, find properties not on the MLS, find the owner, quick sales, how to analyze deals, and the biggest one that had the audience excited was the use of transactiona funding.

After a few hours of listening to all of the promises someone asked how will we learn all of this today in the free seminar, he stated that once we sere done with lunch all that information will be presented. After lunch was provided a different presenter entered the stage he gave the same speech but he ended his presentation with if you want to learn al of the above mentioned straties on how to be succeful in this business you can sign up for a three day workshop, and he begin to repeat what you will learn he lets the audience know that this was just an invitation see and meet some of our succesful students and hear stories from those who have gone on to make a good living after attending our workshop. After hearing the presenters I along with hundreds of others bought a 3 day workshop which was supposed to be held at the UNioversal Sheraton hotel August 28-30th 2015. Upon my arrival to the alleged workshop the both of us were so excited we believed that this would allow us to become financially independent. I paid 3197.00 for this workshop beleiving that I would learn al that was promised at the free seminar.

When we arrived at the workshop location we were taken aside by two men in blacks suits after being questiones about my assests and credit lines I started to feel uncomfortable about this workshop. We were told that we had to be there at 8:30 am and the workshops would end at 5:30. After two hours of being haggled for my personal information I became suspicious, I began to ask questions about the workshop and wondered when we could go ustairs afterall thats what I paid for.

Then we were asked to call our credit card compainies and ask for a credit line increase this point I demanded to speak with someone other than the shysters that were demanding my personal assest information. I also requested that I be refunded because I dont believe there is a workshop. Suddenly we let up stairs to attend the workshop and after sitting for 20 minutes we are put into groups and guess what another shyster tries to brow beat us about how much are we willing to invest in our future then we were handed a sheet that explained continuing education where you could purchase the Diamond level which cost 29,997, the Platinum level which cost 24,997 and the Gold level which cost 18,997. Susdedenly it dawnd on me that this wasnt a workshop this was another ploy by a shyster to raise money in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain.

After we were given the so called home work assignment we separated into groups those who had succesfully raised their credit card limits were called to the table in the back of the room and they were given an opportunity to but into another deceptive scheme. When I realized that they were not going to teach us anything I decided to leave as I was leaving I went to the bathroom prior to getting the elevator, once out of the restroom I was approached by two men in black suits asking me what was wrong I told them. I came here to learn about real estate and house flipping all of theing s that were promised in a three workshop and I havent learned one thing. This is another level to further scam peopl out of money. I realized that I had dropped something by my seat and asI attempted to go back in the workshop room and we were asked to leave. I stated that I had paid for a workshop not a chance to be scammed. When I asked for my money back I was told to dispute it with my credit card company. WHen I was asked to leave I was told not to come back to the rest of the workshops tht I had paid for. When I asked why I couldnt attend the rest of the workshop they told me that I dont qualify for the program. In other words I wasnt stup enought o hand over my credit card again to buy into their deception

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