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Pelican Design & Construction LLC

Country United States
State Texas
City Dallas
Address 8226 DOUGLAS AVE STE 330
Phone (972) 214-9921

Pelican Design & Construction LLC Reviews

  • May 24, 2022

I paid Eric Reynolds, a local DFW contractor, to renovate a house I purchased last year to live in. I have a contract and copies of the checks, last one dated November 30th, 2021. He stated he was the owner of Pelican Design and Construction, alicensed contractor and that he needed the money up front to put me on the schedule and to purchase the materials to lock in the price due to materials going up in price.

He sent in a crew who worked sporadically until mid December when they disappeared. He claimed crew foreman illness, his daughter's illness and finally, his own, then his daughter's being in labor as reasons for not appearing.

The house was left in a construction zone state, filthy, construction trash piled up in my driveway and my furniture stacked against walls, with only a 2 chairs, 2 beds and half a small table to use. I paid my movers to come back and haul down the furniture and try to clear space for us to try to live in the house.

Eric did not restart work until mid January when the crew continued stripping popcorn ceiling and tile work (previously left unfinished). Again, the work and crew appearance was sporadic. Again the house was left in terrible shape.

Eric finally made an appearance and agreed that the work was unfinished and the state of the work thus far, bad, but blamed his foreman. Stated his other projects were going well by contrast. A new crew came in and ripped out my kitchen cabinets (claimed misunderstanding) and surfaces including around the sink.

His workers moved the dish washer and changed the pipe which leaked. We now have mold around the entire kitchen sink area. Also, in moving the bar sink in the sun room from one side of the wall to the other, his foreman did not do the kitchen sink area. His foreman did not do the plumbing correctly which caused flooding.

The power stopped working in that same area. There was another delay. He claimed a car accident, then that he had to buy a new car which delayed work on my house. This new car is the second new car since he took my money.

Long story short, earlier this month, after multiple talks & texts, he stated he had cash flow issues but asked for a week to resolve because he had another project coming in which would give him the cash needed to finish my project.

I begged him to at least remove the construction trash picked high in my backyard and to fix the destruction in my kitchen. He asked for more money to fix the kitchen and remove the trash. That sounded like extortion.

We had him come over and had him review the amounts already paid against the work done with us. He stated he would work on a solution. That conversation was recorded. Two weeks and multiple calls and texts later, Eric called me to say that his investors were closing down the company because they had no more money and that I was free to do what I needed to do.

I have contacted his first foreman, Moises. Eric had told me Moises had a broken neck, later stated he'd given him my money. Moises has not been paid by Eric. The kitchen cabinet maker who Eric brought to the house to measure for the cabinets and never came back to install, gives the same story. The countertop maker came over and verified that he too had to chase Eric to be paid.

They state that there a several of us homeowners in the same position- Eric takes money and doesn't do the work. I contacted the DA office who told me to report to the police. I have done so. The officer stated she could see multiple complaints about the same issue, money taken, work not done and in my case, my house damaged and more money demanded.

The officer advised getting a lawyer for a civil case to try to get some monetary resolution. We are immigrants in this country. $30 thousand dollars is a large amount of money. We work hard. I'm 59 years old, my husband 61. My research on Google recently revealed that his partner is a lawyer named Michael Savage which his former foreman verified and one of the reasons the crew haven't sought help because they don't have resources.

How is Eric and his "investor " allowed to continue doing this to innocent people? I have now found that Eric is also operating under Red Rock Construction. This fraudster needs to be exposed and money returned.

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