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Peak Kia

Country United States
State Colorado
City Littleton
Address 5077 S Wadsworth Blvd
Phone 303-562-0442

Peak Kia Reviews

  • May 20, 2017

I was referred by USAA as a loyal member since fiscal year 1994 to purchase a car at various dealerships and chose Peak Kia of Littleton, CO. It must be said on the onset of this statement and with clarity that it is common practical principles from Peak support’s a logical argument or challenge. However, this is exactly what has been happen. The real danger of this issue is the lies and the troubling aspects that are in the implication of discretionary power for corrections. There is an acknowledged constitutional right to be recognized and make an argument. The right to be recognized is part of the fundamental principle. On the other hand there is general right that will clearly show an individual’s covert motives and intention of any deeply rooted practice. Peak Kia deserves a one star rating which is consistent with the level of unprofessionalism that was rendered to me two weeks after I purchased of a 2008 Nissan, Sentra for $5,200.00 cash dollars. I begin to have problems with the brakes and various issues. I was told that the issues had been resolved after I test drove the car a week prior. Anyone of good will and are gainfully employed will passionately agree that $5,200.00 are rainy day money. Therefore, this clearly establishes the principle as to why Peak Kia can make false statements or purposely misleading information to the general public. The question is can dealerships that lie about their business practices be punished? There is perhaps no value more deeply cherished that free speech however, there is no constitutional value in false statements other than for personal gain of the $5,200.00 by Peak. The mere recognition of a written complaint does not mean that the statement governs interest. This issue is important not because of the complaint but because it is based upon Peak not acknowledging phone calls and emails concerning issues that I have encounter with the car. Also, it raises an extraordinary interest that compels me in addressing relevant factors of the customer service level. It comes as no surprise that dealerships will use quality customer service prior to making a purchase. I was repeatedly called by the dealership prior to making the transaction but will not acknowledged me after the purchase. They have balanced their compelling constitutional right that clearly subjectively and violate a customer’s concerns within a thirty days (30) after a purchase. As with any public servant quality services from professional dealerships are expected and vital. There is no valued and deeply cherished right than to be employed and provide that level of service to the general public. However, Peak has abused their authority of dealership. After researching the dealership history it seems this is an extended volume of customer service that mirrors in microcosm which is overwhelmingly the implications of the truth. Their principles lacks sufficient muster of customer service. It seems that have need impose a judicially created rule that speaks on its own merits Yes, it is an acknowledged constitutional right that a principle can be established for a rational basis but when it rises to a level of deceit it is illegal. Peak has extended their volume of adverse principles for me not to be recognized. Some free categories of speech can be characterized such as here within. The Supreme Court defines certain speech words as "fighting words." Whether the message is made to make a point or serve as a base for false advertisement. The $5,200.00 is characterized as “fighting words.”

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