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PayPal Inc.

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PayPal Inc. Reviews

  • Feb 11, 2020

So i canceled this service more than two months ago directly with the fraudster and you can't help me stop them from taking my money every month? I guess it's time that i start exposing paypal for fraud. There has to be some way to end them billing me for delivering nothing!! wouldn't you be pissed off if someone were stealing your hard-earned money? Please help me end this nightmare!! if you don't i will be submitting paypal to all of the fraud entities that exist online and that can't be good for business.

Your loss! i've been an account holder in good standing for more than 20 years! because of your non-action in my fraud case you have been reported to the bbb, scamion, etc. With many more of your customers to follow me out the door. I can't believe that you sided with fraudsters!! wow!! never thought that i'd make a purchase, cancel service and continue being charged. Paypal has lost all credibility to protect it, customers, from fraud. End of rant. Sorry to go, but i rely on online payments. Time for me to find a new alternative.

Oh! and i'll be taking thousands of your customers with me ;) enjoy your loss! here's what paypal has stolen from me since december 2019 - total $271.84 transaction id: 3lm74424tg462844h pp-i-7961570 unauthorized access closed

  • Jan 1, 2020

I made two on line purchases with my Paypal account, asssuming Paypal stands by the consumer. I have been disputing the charges since August of 2019 with no help from Paypal or the vendor.

Vendor is a fraud company selling junk from China with claims that are not facts. Why Paypal would contine to permit people to be out money to the is company is upsettting. Can contact anyone from ZestAds Limited.

  • Dec 16, 2019

For years (according to an employee who took my complaint) PayPal has had a glitch in their system. Specifically on multiple item orders, if one of the vendors will not accept PayPal Credit, the entire order defaults to the bank/credit card on file.

They do not warn the customers, and while my bank balance is sufficient to cover the bank charge, for many people who use PayPal Credit to stretch their funds, it could be disastrous. They make no attempt to inform the customer of this glitch, nor have they fixed the problem which could have been fixed with a few lines of code. Scam to keep sales high at the expense of their clients.

If they would simply warn people of the possibility or better yet, provide an option to either flag or cancel such vendors before the purchase, that would be acceptable, but they do not, even though they have known about the glitch for many years.

  • Dec 10, 2019

On November 6th of 2019, I bought a bunk bed from sale club LLC online. It was $164. I dont usually buy online unless they have the option to pay with PayPal. I always felt safe with knowing that PayPal had the buyer protection policy.

It became the 19th of November and my son had still not received the bed. I checked PayPal to view the invoice. It looked correct with my son's shipping address on it.

I then went to the UPS site and ran the tracking number. Shockingly, I saw that the status of my shipment was "delivered" at "the dock", and signed for by Hoopman!I dont know who this Hoopman is, and why was it dellivered at a dock? It sounded commercial to me. Not a residence at all.

I immediately called UPS and gave them the tracking number. They looked it up, then told me it was delivered. I told them that I hadn't received it. They then tried to tell me that the tracking number I gave them doesnt belong to me. That's when I asked to speak to a manager. The manager told me that the package had a different address on it than my son's and that's where it was delivered. Though l asked multiple times, UPS would not tell me the address, because of their 'privacy plicies".

I was outraged! All I knew was that it went to somewhere in Grand Rapids, MN, it was delivered to "the dock" and signed for by "Hoopman', There was nothing more UPS could do for me, so l called PayPal. I thought they would help me for sure!

To my dismay, they did nothing but argue with me. She wanted me to get a signed document by UPS stating that the shipment went to another address. I told them that I had a hard enough time talking to them and that they wouldnt give me the shipping address because of their privacy policy, but PayPal still insisted I get this document.

I again called UPS, and again they told me they would not help me. I went back and forth from PayPal to UPS trying to get someone to help me. At one point I talked to a nice lady at PayPal who said she will refund the money back to my card, because if havent gotten it, because it went to the wrong address, that wasnt right.

Later that night,I looked at my email to see that PayPal overrode her decision, and would not reimburse me. I was not getting anywhere. PayPal then asked for me to start a lost package claim with UPS. That's what I did.

The next day, I received an email from UPS. It was about my claim. It actually said where the package was shipped to! It stated that it was shipped to L&M Supply in Grand Rapids. I thought, "Now I have proof for Paypal!"

I immediately sent them that proof. I received an email back from them saying that I still must provide that document by UPS, even though what l sent them was undeniable proof of the shipment going to L&M Supply. Not my son.

On December 10th I called UPS again to ask for a document stating that the shipment did not go to my son's address. Finally an understanding and helpful lady answered. She said she would send me the documentation that I needed for Paypal to my email.

The document stated that the shipment went to 'the DOCK, was signed by "HOOPMAN", and it was delivered to L&M Supply 1200 East Highway 169 Grand Rapids, MN. As soon as I got it, I forwarded it to PayPal. They again denied my claim, although l'd done everything they had asked me to do. Their explanation for the denial was that the package was deemed "delivered". Delivered to whom, didnt matter. Paypaľ's buyer proportion plan is a farce.

  • Dec 2, 2019

DO NOT assume using Paypal will protect you as a buyer. They allow fraud to be committed by foreign sellers using their service.

On October 8, 2019, I responded to an ad that appeared on one of the language apps I use. The video showed a remote control plane that would take off and land on water or land and judging from the video, had a wingspan of about 24 inches. The price shown was $39.99.

I had some reservations but they accepted Paypal payments so I figured if there was a problem, Paypal would take care of it. I was sadly mistaken. I have screen shots of the video used to advertise this item (it has since been taken down) and pictures of what I actually received. It is a plastic toy plane that you might find at a dollar store or other such seller of cheap junk.

It rolls on the floor and has a small remote that makes it turn left and right. It has a wingspan (sorry for such a poor use of the term) of about 8 inches and wouldn't fly if you dropped it out of a real plane.

I was furious at such a blatant case of internet fraud and contacted the seller via email. No reply (go figure). I then filed a complaint with Paypal. They replied that they would happily refund my $39.99 as soon as I shipped the item back to the seller (in CHINA) and gave them a tracking number.

I did some research and found out that the cheapest way to do this is through the United States Postal Service for a cost of almost $28.00. I also found out that there is no guarantee anything sent to China will actually arrive at its destination.

I contacted Paypal and they continued to hide behind the "terms of sale" crap that allowed this type of fraud to be perpetrated in the first place. This company knows no one is going to pay $30 to return a $40 purchase and Paypal allows them to keep doing business this way.

Paypal does have a program that allows buyers to be reimbursed up to $30 for return postage (news to me) but you have to sign up for it prior to making a purchase. As far as I can tell, this is not something widely advertised by Paypal. It should be offered anytime you make a purchase; better yet, should be part of their SOP.

Just an additional FYI, this item was NOT sent to me directly from China. The return address was from Los Angeles, CA. Unfortunately I did not save the envelope it arrived in (yes, they sent it in an envelope, my first sign that things were not as they should be).

So buyer beware, PAYPAL is not a safe way to do business, especially with CHINESE COMPANIES. This is my very last transaction with them and I will be closing my account. I have a small business and as of today, we will not longer be accepting payments through PAYPAL. I hope this saves you some aggrevation.

  • Nov 28, 2019

At PayPal's invitation I attempted to switch to online banking for managing my credit card account. To my shock, I found they had inserted my full name as the password on the account! I spent the morning of November 1, 2019 calling back and forth from Synchrony Bank to PayPal customer service in an effort to change this dangerous "password."

Neither was able to help and both told me I had to solve the problem with the other entity. Finally, in desperation I called to cancel my account, explaining why I was forced to do so. I was not clearly informed at the time that I would forfeit my reward of $315. 16 unless I redeemed the reward prior to closing.

When I called PayPal November 27, 2019 to request that my rewards be applied to the balance on my final statement, I was once again shocked--this time to find out that I had forfeited my reward when I closed the account.

I demanded to speak to a supervisor, explained the situation to her (Ariel at 855-520-0991, ID #5693), was once again refused, but told they would review the telephone call to see whether or not my rights had been clearly specified at the time of closing.

Because of PayPal's irresponsible and intractible behavior, I have little faith they will find in my favor and am angry and upset that they are withholding my fairly earned reward.

  • Nov 17, 2019

I use Xoom to send money to my son who is studying in France and also to help my brother.

To pick up the cash, Xoom uses the services of the” company RIA”. And that's where the problem starts.

Indeed, my son went to 2 agencies in the city of Marseille and the two agencies refused to give him the money because RIA had not given the authorization. I spoke through the phone with a lady who works at the agency who told me that they had a lot of trouble with RIA and the best way is to cancel the transaction and claim the refund to XOOM.

That's what I did. The transaction was canceled by Xoom last August. We are now in November and Xoom never refunded my money. Xoom sent me a message saying that the money has never been debited from my account, so no refund. Xoom lies because the money has been debited from my account. I have plausible evidence for that.

The other case, I send every month to my brother some money to help him with the common expenses. When my brother went to the agency to withdraw the money, the employee told him that he had the transaction number but not the RIA authorization to give him the money?

The money was sent on November 4th and it is November 18th, and Xoom is unable to solve this problem. Xoom gave me a case number and that's the complete silence since. I have practically sent an E-Mail every day to remind them that they have to refund me back my money but I do not get any answer from them?

When you look at RIA reviews, you realize that actually people who use the services of "this company" are having a lot of trouble getting their money. RIA stays with the money of the beneficiaries. So we can consider RIA as a SCAM? I do not understand why a subsidiary as XOOM/PAYPAL of Apple has associated with crooks to tarnish their reputation.

RIA are thieves and XOOM / PAYPAL are totally incompetent to solve a problem when there is one?

In order to get back my legitimate money, I had to ask my bank to open a dispute with XOOM and I am in contact with my lawyer in order to take all legal actions against this company. Xoom treats its customers with a contempt that has no comparison. Although, I repeat to them that the money I send is necessary for the survival of the beneficiaries, they really don’t care?

Never use the services of XOOM / PAYPAL because when you have a problem, they let you down. I can assure you of that.

  • Oct 27, 2019

Readers beware! Do not trust PayPal. Particularly their affiliates PayPal Smart Connect or PayPal Credit. They will tell you have a line credit to make online purchases and then send your bank account in to overdraft when you try to use it. It’s a scam!

  • Oct 4, 2019

Can you ever check paypal?? Are you able too?? No, never. They never show your real balance ever. Usually every time you come back to balance number to check it and know everything is correct. You need sheck your money every year January first , but better every month. All they want you to see how mush left that is not anought. Scam here. Why? They don't want you to know how much you have. About month ago I checked my second account on paypal. I saw the money balance and start selling. After a short while I can't open my paypal account at all. Pay pal moved some money to another account and I can't even see anything not eble to check anything. They decided to close my account without let me know, without my permission. Do they have my phone number?? Yes !Why they did it? They didn't even let me know. Who responsoble for that?? Name please. You do not have a permissoin steal my money and someone else. I do not trust you, so I need check you all the time. Not just me many people looking other company to work with. I need 2 accounts on paypal but they think differently. They don't care and do what they want to do. It's very smart do not let the people know there balance. About 3 days ago I called paypal, people who work their not able to help me. They all confuse. They disconnected me 2 times in a row, they don't know what to tell. I do not bleim them it's not easy. Who work like that?? Lady named Ice promissed me to in 2 days send to me email when everything will be fine. Nothing I got from her and today I called egain, talk to Andrew, no help from him also. People work their without any knowledge. I need to know my balance and every body else allowed to know that too. And paypal do not allowd to close my account. I'm not sure is everybody able to check that company if nobody have a balance in the. Are they allowed to work like that?? No even one financial company allowed work like that.

That company should be checked clearly.

  • Sep 21, 2019

I met a guy online on Meetme app around July 10, 2019. He claimed that his name is Michael Naughton (Nelson), Caucasian, Male, 35, lives in Absecon, NJ. and that he is a pilot that works in Atlantic City. We continued communication via cellular phone text messages. He used a googlevoice phone number.

He asked me for the money since he forgot his credit cards and he needs to pay the hotel expenses and his aunt's medications. He gave his friends' paypal accounts: Robert G. Hewitt ( and Vicki R. Middleton ( for me to transfer money. I asked him to show a photo of his ID. He sent me a photo of his passport' (Later I realized he faked the ID).

I sent the multiple thousand dollars to the paypal of these two people several times during July Aug., 2019. He told me he would pay me as soon as he is back. But he never did. Later he threatened me if I call the police he will show up at my house.

The intersting part is even paypal doesnt want to take an action to investigate the matter with his two partners who were involved in this scam: Vicki R. Middleton and Robert G. Hewitt. Shame on Paypal for protecting this type of fraud and scam.

  • Sep 2, 2019

I have been very careful to make sure that Paypal did not send me physical mail and advertising. Today however, I received a truly s**+**y credit offer from these guys. They used to arrest mobsters and loan sharks for terms like these. People went to jail for usurious schemes like these.

I have no interest in getting boned by their credit card scams and no interest in continuing to receive forced junk mail from Paypal. I called Paypal and tried to opt out of getting the offers for truly awful credit products and any other bullshit they are trying to sell me but Paypal refused. My concern is WHEN my mail is stolen, a tweaker can open an account under my name with Paypal.

After explaining why I insist on opting out, the rep told me that I cannot opt out of mailed offers for products "that I will find useful". Translation: The all knowing all seeing Paypal knows what's best for me so bend over, take a deep breath, and take it. We really don't care what you want or what you think. We will pimp you out as we see fit and you are our b***h.

Well Paypal, the credit card applications are not even useful as toilet paper. I was told the ONLY WAY to opt out of these credit card scam offers is to close my account. My personal information is being abused without my explicit consent. Paypal REFUSES to allow me the option to opt out. Paypal is opening the door to credit fraud and abuse but they don't care.

There are now so many other payment options that I have no choice and accept that Paypal has forced me to close my account of 20 years. I hope that stops their abuse of my private information but I very much doubt it.

  • Aug 31, 2019

I lost $75 due to a scammer and based on a situation that wasn't even my fault. I wouldn't trust Paypal's customers ervice if my life depended on it.

  • Aug 28, 2019

I was overcharged and I can prove it with bank records and PP records as well.

  • Aug 18, 2019

PayPal put a stop payment on $1,500 of ours for no reason whatsoever when we called to figure out what the problem was they said it was because we violated their customer agreement when we asked which part of their customer agreement we violated they could not give us an answer.

We've gone up the chain at PayPal and gotten nowhere if you are a PayPal customer now I suggest that you take your money out because they are greedy. They can do this to anyone without notice they said they were going to hold our money for 180 days until they figure out if anybody else has a claim to the money this is ridiculous.

I've never heard anything like this I've worked as an assistant branch manager at a at a bank and would never do this to one of my customers we had direct deposit even though the the account was canceled we still had a direct deposit hit the account and now that money stuck in there as well we have a lot of cash transactions will you we sell a lot of stuff on line on they said we use the account too much what kind of Bank wants you to use your account less most banks want you to use your account more

  • Jun 30, 2019

Due to our lack of computer skill, we did not know how to get our refund back, so we faxed two times and they told us that the money was accidentaly sent back to the merchant, and now the merchant is not giving us back our refund of $479.

We have been emailing Chef's Exclusive and pay pal and talking to them so much and no help.

  • Jun 13, 2019

Introduction: I applied for a Solicited "Business loan" from Paypal and was denied for the following TWO reasons: "Poor personal credit payment history" (Paypal said from "transunion"; I subscribe to Personal/Business Credit monitoring & DO NOT have Poor payment history on my Personal or Business Credit. It's the LITERAL OPPOSITE!!!) I can produce Documentation to support my good Personal/Business Credit payment histories.

So I will provide a brief summary of my experience with them and you can go to supermoney. com & other sites and read Plenty of reviews on Paypal Business and MANY recent reviews that will PROVE to be invaluable to you if you're thinking of applying with Paypal Business loans.

They prequalified me for 25k. They asked for 4 months bank statements. I gave them 12 months. They required a minimum of 42k a year in revenue. I did 100k in the PREVIOUS 6 months alone!! I have no Business Debt, Deposit on average, either weekly, two weeks and NEVER go ANY MONTHS without depositing a MINIMUM of 10k, I average 16k a month. I have a average personal credit score of nearly 700!

I can produce my credit report as evidence (my report is CLEAN= No past dues, All paid as agreed, multiple different credit lines, accounts,etc. , ONLY using 23% of Credit available. No collections, No deragotories). On my Experian Business Credit Report, I have a "1" for "liability" factor which means I am "LOW RISK". Now, these are the FACTS, so you be the judge. Their reasons for denial is literally a "farce"!

The second reason for denial= "erratic revenues/sales" is BEYOND comprehension! I thought EVERY business in existence have Differing revenue/sales EVERY month? Again, I have Sales/Revenues deposited either weekly, bi-weekly and AT MINIMUM 10k EVERY SINGLE MONTH since I Founded my business!!! It's ALL DOCUMENTED FOLKS; I can't make this stuff up!! Please google Paypal Business loan reviews and you will have PLENTY of reviews that will support what I mentioned here and MANY ARE WAY WORSE than my experience!! They NEED to be investigated ASAP!!!!!!

  • May 29, 2019

Whatever you do, stay away from PAYPAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They approve my Company to accept credit card payments and then send me the card reader.

I go to make two sales for $4700.00 and they accept the transactions. Then I go to transfer the funds and then they put a hold on my account. Then they ask for more information. I give it to them, then they restore my account and say that it's okay to accept payments. I go and make another sale for $1900.00.

Then I go to tranfer funds again and they freeze my account again. They have $6700.00 of my money and I can't place orders for my customers products. It has affected my company's reputation and me personally. How can a company in America get away with such Fraudulent Activities.

They won't even let me close the account to refund my customers their money back.

I just found out that Elon Musk is part of this company.

I will never buy anything that he is part of!!!!!

  • May 23, 2019

PayPal refuse to refund a $597.00 USD purchase of a bogus text message service GoRingless SMS fake replicate website wear as the allocated SMS phone number do no work. A application error message is announce when dialing the phone number. I file a dispute claim with Paypal about this vendor GoRingless SMS and after serveral weeks of investigate they favor the vendor with their fake website and SMS phone number scam program.

Both PayPal/GoRingless had partner togather to steal $597.00 dollars from me. That was a year ago June 2018 and until today May 2019 PayPal has closed my account claiming that I can not refile or open my case again because the data has been lost, which is a lie. The account may be close but my information remain on their servers forever. Stay away from PayPal and GoRingless both are scaming consumers out of huge amounts of money.

  • May 2, 2019






  • Apr 30, 2019

I made two $100.00 payments, one on 04/01/2019 & one on 04/02/2019... I then realized that I needed to make another payment of $208.50 in order to pay off my promotional balance due of $408.50... I had trouble getting back online so I called in to make the payment...

Well for some reason $100.00 went into my PayPal account and did not get credited toward the promotional balance and now I have been charged $70.46 interest on it and the promotional show I still owe $100.00 and the interest on it...

The $100.00 in my PayPal should have been applied along with the rest to pay the promotion off...

I need the PayPal put in my PayPal credit account and the $70.46 removed...

  • Apr 10, 2019

On April 6 I attemped to tranfer money from my paypal acct to my bank acct. Paypal rejected the transfer so it did not go into my bank acct. Paypal said the bank rejected it the bank said they never recieved a hit on my acct from paypal.

Paypal has spend the last three days blaming me and chase bank for their system error. And I am left with $170 in NSF Fee. Paypal will not take responsblity for their mistake. I have recorded every conversation with paypal and chase bank.

  • Apr 1, 2019

I bought an item from Its a musical instrument site. I went trough Paypal to pay it. I returned the item and issued me a refund through PayPal, but I never received the money.

I contacted my bank and I contacted PayPal several times, who by the way makes it extremely hard to talk to a real person. They said they sent it, but it doesn't showup in my bank account. All I want is my money back.

  • Jan 20, 2019

I wish I could be part of a class action lawsuit against them. Everything about this has been so shady.

There is no balance history anywhere that I have access to (desktop browser). There is only transaction history and current balance. This is extremely shady and allows all the BS that follows.

I'm watching my balance as I'm selling things on ebay because I'm going to pay for something close to $300. When I'm almost there my current balance drops about $70 without there being any new transactions.

Paypal notifies me by email that an ebay buyer made a fraudulent chargeback with his credit card. The item was sold for $23, and paypal says there's a chargeback fee of $20. Nothing close to $70. And neither of those items showed on the activity page.

I contact Paypal support via the site's message center. They tell me to call. I call and they tell me they'll pass it on to someone who will look into it and email me.

The $20 chargeback fee gets refunded, again without any record/new activity listed. My balance simply changes again.

I never get an email. So I send another message. They refer me to the merchant support site. I contact that support site and they ignore the problem of the missing money and tell me I need to upgrade to a business account to be able to see my balance history, and tell me to call support. I call support again and they tell me I need to put in my social security number in order to view my balance history. That seems VERY sketchy so I do a google search and see warnings about that. I put it in temporarily and it has no impact. You can't remove it, so I change it. I call support again and tell them that adding my social did nothing. The person is totally incompetent, makes nonsensical & contradictory statements, has no access to anything. Either speaks terrible english and doesn't comprehend anything, or is using that as a farcical excuse to not help me. I ask to speak to someone else, they put me on hold for 40 minutes then disconnect me.

Looking at the information they referred me to while on the phone with support, they retroactively changed my balance so that it was never close to $300.

I have disconnected paypal from my ebay, and will stop using paypal for other websites. This is probably the shadiest experience I've had with any business.

I called the police to report the chargeback fraudster and they said my only option is a civil suit. So I'm thinking to file a civil suit against both the fraudster and paypal at the same time. Ebay does nothing about chargeback fraud.

Paypal disputed the chargeback with the fraudster's bank on my behalf with the proof of delivery I gave them, but this person is regularly doing this to multiple sellers and Paypal refuses to do anything.

  • Dec 17, 2018

Pay Pal took out a lot of money from my bank account. I have tried since October to get this resolved. They now say my account is temporarily limited. They want me to pay a withdrawal in September that I had no idea existed. They aske me to send information to them which I did right away and they are still demanding money be sent to them. They stole money from me and I want the final payment sent to me. This if fraud and I am sick over the fact they can get away with this practice.

  • Nov 13, 2018

I have a paypal account so that i am able to make purchases on ebay. I also receive money into this account from various sources. Recently, i received a payment into my paypal account of $800. I then transferred the funds to my registered bank account. Paypay charged a fee of almost $20 to do this, but the money never showed up in my bank account. Further investigation revealed that paypal tagged the transaction as suspicious. Later in the evening hours, i received a text message to call paypal which i did. I questioned the agent as to why my transaction was being held up. The agent saw nothing out of the ordinary and said that the transaction went through ok. This is now the morning after and the funds are still not in my bank account.

While checking my bank account, i noticed that the $20 fee that paypal charges for the transaction had already been deducted from my account even though the transaction never went through. That's like going to denny's and paying for a meal before you sit down.

I called again this morning and had to enter a pin just to talk with michael, an agent from east india. Is that his real name? I don't think so. I asked michael where my funds were and he didn't know, but he was able to provide sundry excuses as to why the transaction was held up; even including transactions from ebay, but never a clear indication as to why it was tagged as suspicious. I asked michael to put a supervisor on the telephone and he put me on hold for over an hour. I hung up.

I have 100% positive feedback from ebay.

I have never had a bad transaction on ebay.

I own the paypal account.

I own the bank account.

The money was transferred from me, to me. I own both accounts; what is suspicious about that?

What is suspicious is that the longer the money sits in the paypal account, the more money they make. So it would behoove paypay to have a gaggle of excuses to hang onto the money as long as possible. Those nickels and dimes sure add up.

Remember, it's not liable if it's true.

  • Nov 7, 2018

Over the last year I dealt with multiple surgeries of a life threatening nature, Cancer, wrongful termination, possible medical malpractice, discrimination and what not. This was not a great year. I have taken several months out of the last year to help with Storm cleanups and hurricane recovery. I came home due to high blood pressure. I tried to take care of many issues while home. Helping my mother and just catching up on normal things you do when you are away from home for a long period of time. I tried to log in to my paypal account and was unable.

After many headaches I finally got a very arrogant customer service person on the line. It seems PayPal paid for an item I did not authorize and I was told that was for me and the merchant to sort out, despite the PayPal promise that would never happen. I was treated like a fool as all I had to do was log in to my account and see that was why I was locked out of my account.

Log in to the account I was locked out of to find out why I was locked out. Swell. I'm the idiot. Why didn't I think to log into my account. I made it clear that was why I was calling.

I was then told the issue was over a $4.87 overdraft. I had just bought a PayPal prepaid card and was trying to link it. Regretting the hell out of that now.

Through the entire call this person was highly condescending. I have been a member of PayPal for several years, possible since their first year of operation. I was told that I should have read my user agreement. Sure, remember stupid details from 18 or so years ago. Whatever. I said it was not a great policy to NOT inform your customer when there is an issue. She repeated over and over that I should have read my agreement.

The policy of not informing your customer there is an issue with their account is moronic and bad customer service. I stated I felt that. She said it was policy, not customer service. How you serve the customer IS customer service.

I paid the account up and before an immediate hang up she said I would have access again in 7 to 10 days.

The Customer service person was very rude. Not very bright, and very ignorant. PayPal needs to be replaced.

I was told I would get access to my account immediately after paying. 7 to 10 days is not immediately.

PayPal is the most unprofessional company I have dealt with in a very long time.

  • Oct 12, 2018

I Have Filled another Complaint about Music Industry, CDBaby, Tunecore, Songcast SCAMs, here and Mentioned That My Site at has been Published On Very Famous Sites/Directories Over Internet in Past 20 Years. Still I have The 'Fantasy Art Gallery' Suggestion on Yahoo. The Site has Gotten 1 Billion Visitors, who are FANs either, and Through 20 Years, I've Done Multiple, Triple..Business' with PayPal, Likewise, Selling Downloadable Pictures, Donations, Making Site Enterance with Money(only when I get angry(!))..etc, Totaling a Revenue Over 100Billion Dollars. I've Written The Company Multiple Times, to Pay Me My Money...But They didn't even Bother, as if The Money on Bank is 4-5 Dollars!! Sad Side Again, The Whole Global Structure, can Not Deal With These Guys..and My Over 100 Billion Lost* Dollars..

  • Oct 3, 2018

Paypal company has agents who is not able to help , even though they make a mistake. Spend all day to get that help every time wait about one hour to wait for a contact . One lady didn't speak English very well, not easy to understant her name Nan ( 16.59 pm) I hung up, she was rode. She didn't able to listen, I asked to talk to manager, she didn't contact me. Kris also hear just himself . Only one lady understand my problem and was ready to help but I was disconected somehow at the end of the conversation, so we didn't finish. Sad.

Ebay company sent the invoice to paypal to the right account : klugernadi but paypal made charge cookienadia for that reason I got a collector's letter, I sell nothing from that account. I got my invoice infront of me but he said it's ebay did that mistake. I talk to ebay 2 hours before paypal and lady( accounter) told me where I able to see the invoice. Look at the picture. It was a fee from ebay. She did everything right.

Paypal agants don't work good.

  • Sep 30, 2018

PayPal is TERRIBLE!!! and wayyy behind its time. Go with cash app or square when sending money. These people at paypal do not care at all about their customers. They will always side with the merchant and let ghetto online shops rob you of your money. They are so slow to respond too!! i’m talking hours on hold, weeks for an email. and when they DO get back to you, it’s not even an actual agent, it’s an automated response. They do not investigate disputes like real banks do.

They basically say "hm a tracking number was given and it says delivered so sorry, the charge will remain”. No further investigation, no actual communication, nothing. They never hold merchants accountable. I ordered $60 worth of clothes and emailed the merchant and got no reply (items never arrived) so i filed a dispute with paypal and they didn’t even ask me what item was/wasn’t received. they just marked that it said "delivered” on the merchants end.

They could’ve sent me a bag of dog poop for all they know!!! and of coarse, you’re not important enough to them and they would rather take your money in interest charges than win their customers trust. CHOSE SOMEWHERE ACTUALLY PROFESSIONAL!! PAYPAL is so unprofessional, i’m not sure how they haven’t gone bankrupt yet.

  • Jun 16, 2018

Was buying items on eBay PayPal kept popping up for me to accept Finally I did then they made hard inquiry if I had known they would do that I wouldn’t have started account! It damaged my credit rating I told them to cancel and delete my account but instead they locked it BUT kept my debit card on PayPal which means I can’t usevmy card on eBay now and found out somehow my credit union was notified of unusual activity so now my debit card is useless couldn’t get gas or a prescription I needed today their customer service is a joke! Have to go all the way to my credit union tomorrow to straighten out pay pals stupidity Will never use it again!!

  • May 24, 2018

I transferred a few thousand dollars out of my husband's PayPal account into my account, and then I transferred it back, but my husband had closed the account. So, the money should have shown up as not being delivered back into his account, since it didn't exist anymore. But the money is just GONE.

It doesn't show up anywhere. We went to the bank and they do not show receipt of the funds. I am unable to call PayPal because they have no customer service number, and when I try to send them an email about the issue, they will not get back to me.

  • May 21, 2018

I called PAYPAL and there is nothing on my PAYPAL account that shows these debits.

  • May 17, 2018

When you open a dispute, that is doing nothing but wasting time. You have 20 days to escalate it to a claim. You do not get to submit documents like pictures to prove your case if you are the buyer being ripped off. If you did this over the phone, you dont even really get to tell your side. But in either case only the seller gets to submit documents and tell their side (however made up) at length.

This is like ebays resolution center, but worse (on ebay Ive had a seller make up this reason for giving the wrong measurements on a used coffee pot saying extra inches were added in case you wamt to put it on display??? and ebay sided with them.) So paypal is worse than even that. Ive bought face cream from thailand with bottles not filled and not sealed never got to show my pictures of how low the face cream was and seller made up that it was filled by weight..but even that was incorrect, less than whats stated on jar. I was jipped..seller even took a long time to send cuz they said they didnt have the product and needed to make a new batch..

I think they just found a half a jars worth. Paypal sided with seller. Recently I bought a psychic reading..well no reply after I paid. called to open a dispute. The customer service reps are obviously outscourced from third world countries, im guessing india, just as Metro PCS is, you get the same type of chick...that is very clinical, and fake and overly polite. Probably has been working 18 hours and stressed. So I asked to open a dispute and escalate to a claim same day cuz I didnt want to waste time, if you wait too long you cant open a vendor dispute with your bank or credit card company.

Pay pal tries to drag it out for a month with the concept of having a dispute open for weeks that will be closed if you dont escalate it within 20 days, then another 10 days for claim. I had to rely on what she typed on my behalf. The problem with using paypal is that its actually a lot less hassle to open a vendor dispute at your bank, takes less time and usually works out in your favor if youre in the right. Not so with paypal.

Pay pal gives merchant who scammed you ten days from when you file a claim and multiple notices and chances to make stuff up and fabricate things such as emails with fake time stamps etc. Paypal gives merchant opportunity to submit documents not buyer who got scammed. If you used paypal..the bank or credit card company will say take it up with paypal..when it would be less hassle and more in your favor to have never used paypal.

If paypal decides against you unfairly, you wont have much of a case or any time to take it up with your would make you look bad and money is good as lost. So why are we using paypal?? I waited ten days..and they said if no response from seller after 10 days case will be closed and ill be refunded on the 11th. They gave seller even a reminder notice, no reply on the tenth day, but even beyond the tenth, no refund. 11th day, they said when I checked, still waiting sellers response.. what?

He has a half a month? He should get 7 days TOPS. So I called and the exploited worker closed the case as promised and issued a refund but I had to call or it seems it would have stayed open even longer and given scammer (who did fabricate emails and excuses before) even more time to consider doing that again. Hed say paypal sides with sellers. So refund showed up next day but I will avoid using paypal to check out in the future. They dont want to give your money back even if you got ripped off. It honestly doesnt make sense to use paypal. This isnt the early internet. You should be purchasing from reputable merchants and if you get a fraudulent charge or ripped off its less headache to take it up with the bank. What is this paypal nonsense?

  • May 14, 2018

Made a PayPal Account Sold Items on Ebay Buyers Recieved there items I go to withdraw my Funds BOOM! I get A message

"Sorry your account has been Limited" So i realilzed when i signed up it was a anonyms name i tried to change it they wont let me nor give me my

$544.00 if anyone else out there is experincing similar problems with paypal lets start a Class Act Lawsuit you matter! They can not steal our hard earned money.

  • Apr 26, 2018

PayPal Skype Beware of automatic (without permission)PayPal withdrawals for payments to Skype that are unauthorized!! I contacted PayPal customer support. They initiated a review and then deducted a $40.12 payment to SKYPE. I had a FREE Skype account, AND it still had over $20 of PRE-PAID call time remaining! I have noticed many, many posts from individuals who have had this same issue. SHAME on PayPal for being complicit in this SCAM by (Microsoft owned) Skype. San Jose CA

  • Mar 17, 2018

This is simple. I have had an account and direct deposit for years. on 3/16/18, I spent close to $1000.00 in one day, (which I normally do not, but had been saving for some home items I wanted. During one of the transactions, my card was de-activated while trying trying to pay for my items and the transaction was declined.

I left the store, went to the ATM and it said the card was de-activated. I called METABANK....and was told that they shut the card down thinking it was fraud. I explained that it was me - verified all their informtion and the card was re-activated. They told me I should have received a text message whent the deactivation happened, which I did not. BUT they have been sending me information from a cancelled card and not the active card for months. I only get my deposit information via text. When the card was re-activated, I did get a text stating that.

The next day, I attempted to log online. And my account had been closed. I called them and they told me I did not qualify for an account anymore and they would send me a check for the funds in my account. This left me with no access to any money at all.


  • Mar 13, 2018

Paypal advertises that they protect the consumers after the sale, but in reality, they work with the scammers to steal money from consumers... About a month ago, I was scammed by one of the MANY foreign sscammers on ebay.. He had some computer parts.. He listed them as fitting a lot more different computers than they really fit... He also listed them as being located in California..

I unknowingly bought one, because the listing said that it fit my computer... When I got the part, it obviously didn't fit.. After filing a dispute & waiting for several weeks, I was informed that I could get my money back if I sent the item to HONG KONG.. They purposely falsify the listing because most people won't pay to send an item halfway around the world.. I filed several complaints with paypal, and they did absolutely nothing to help me get my money back from the scammers.. The paypal rep that i spoke to pretty much admitted that they work with the scammers, because they make more money that way..

  • Mar 3, 2018

01/24/2018 ATM Point of Sale Signature PAYPAL *HEALTHMATTE 4029357733 CA 95131

I called 1-402-935-7733 asked them why they charged my checking account $46.98.

The customer service fraud unit stated that my PAYPAL account has not been used

since 2012..I told them I don't care but your company HEATHMATTE

(a physical therapy business)charged me $46.98.

They said they cannot find any transaction anywhere and transferred me to security.

I waited on phone 20 minutes and no one answered. THAT IS FRAUD BUt 256 people

on one website had the same problem some for larger amount of money and shows

credit cards being breach...Also Paypal charging items to credit cards but

people complained they never ordered or received any item but were charged for it,,,..

The list of paypal fraudulent websites are numerous ..

they took money from people's credit card...

  • Feb 26, 2018

In February of 2017, I purchased a software program from IncrediMail, a Perion company, for 27.95, using my PayPal account, linked to my Citizens bank account, as a ONE TIME CHARGE.

The software had a virus attached to it, and infected my computer. After several attempts by IncrediMail, they could not fix it, and I removed IncrediMail from my computer, and never used it again.

On the 21st of this February, Perion put through a another charge for 27.95 as an unauthorized-recurring charge, without my permission. I complained to Perion and PayPal, and after looking into my complaint, PayPal denied my claim, without considering my position, that I did not authorize a recurring charge, as I have NOT used IncrediMail for over a year.

  • Jan 29, 2018

They have a large sum of my money, about $1,600 they won't release because I cannot remember the email address & phone number I last used which has changed numerous times. But I can prove they have my money because the Wells Fargo statement shows the transfer of $2,500 to my Pal Pal account on 7 14 2017. Managers refuse to help.

I have filed compaints with the following.





  • Jan 22, 2018

I purchased a PayPal prepaid MasterCard and had used it for a couple of small purchases ok. However, I loaded $100 onto and it was declined when I went to make a purchase. I called the number on the card and was told it was locked until my identity could be verified. I had already given my phone, email, social security number, and secret password answer. I was told I had to speak to the verification department, but they were not open. After getting very upset about not being able to access the money I out in the card, I was sent to a supervisor who assured me that the verification department would call me first thing in the morning even though it was Sunday. Sunday morning came and no call. I called back in and was told no one works in that department until Monday. Now I can't access my own money and have been lied to on top of that. They had no problem taking my money. If my account truly had an issue, why did it let me put money onto It? Nobody I called has been willing to resolve this. I feel this is nearly fraudulent as it appears to be like any other prepaid card, but I have never had another prepaid card stop me from using the money I load. Adding the fact that they will lie to you when they call to resolve it and people should STAY AWAY!

  • Nov 6, 2017

Paypay has charged another unknown charge this month of 7.50 dollars, last month was 1.00. I know they have listing fee, etc but i have done no selling this last month. I have called them 3 different times and have been placed on hold by EACH OF THEM after explaining my concern. One transferred to dead call recording. One said transfer to USA and placed on hold and never come back, and other call said she could help until I informed of unknow charge, and placed me on hold and never transferred me to someone who could help. I have been a member of ebay/paypal for many years! They suddenly are sneaking fees onto my monthy bill and cant explain, nor will transfer you to no one that can tell me why i am getting these charges. You can hold for a very long time to even speak to someone. Call backs, dont work either. I have tried that several times...which i just did bc it said 24 minutes to talk to representative AFTER BEING ON HOLD FOR 42 MIN....grrrrrr. They are taking money out of my checking acct without me even knowing what it is for? Even after i call them and they still cant tell me? Where are all the legal lawyers that want to make big money sueing this company for robbing its members? Paypal is ripping off its members.Someone needs to investigate them.

  • Oct 31, 2017

Paypal has gone out of their way to help thieves steal my identity. Maybe yours too. I called 5 times before I could get thru to someone. They refused to close or freeze the account. In fact they intentionally left it open against my will. They don't care if someone is trying to steal my identity. In fact they have done everything they could do to help them. Go ahead do business with PayPal. When your in my shoes, you will wish you had listened to me. Find another way to pay,. Cause PayPal isn't your friend. They are the enemy that will cost you everything!

  • Oct 11, 2017

PayPal does not disclose on its site that if money is sent and then canceled before being claimed that it will take weeks to get the money back. I found this out the hard way when I sent money to an email address with a typo in it canceled it and have waiting to get it returned. In the interim I had to make the payment over again with other funds. I want my money back, PayPal has no right to keep it and if it not returned this week, I will file a small claims action against it

The facts are:

On Oct 5 I had to send $1800 to PlasticDesigns. I had its US bank account and rounting number but Idid not want to drive 20 miles to go to US Bank for a wire transfer as US Bank only does wires transfers in person, I used PayPal instead after reading its money transfer policies, I sent the money to PlaticDesigns@comcast,com. The email address was wrong it is Plastic Designs@comcast,net. I canceled the transaction as it could not be delivered and on Oct 6. The $1800 has not been delivered back to me in violation of PayPal's online statements that canceled payments would be returned. I then had to raise and pay a second time this time using the correct address and it went through immediately.

I sent two emails to PayPal to find out why my money has not been returned. I received an automated reply which told me how to cancel a transaction which I already ready had done but nothing about when I would get my money back

I called Paypal 4 days after the cancellation and got an automatic program which had no option for asking about canceled payments. After 15 minutes oif useless information I tricked the system into sending me to a human.

I gave him this information above and was told that the order had been canceled but PayPal needs weeks more time to return the money because it must first get ti from the bank. I told him that the funds were taken from may account on the 5th so it has the funds now. No response other than to say I had to wait

.If PayPal does not have my funds where are they? This is a ridiculous procedure. I would never have used PayPal to send the money if I had known it would take weeks if ever to get it back if it was canceled and the payment not made

  • Sep 23, 2017

On September 21st, 2017 my company Glorious Media Group and our client, a Paypal member of over 15 years suffered great loss when Paypal systems placed a hold on a payment identical to previous payments spreading over ayear period, thereby disrupting our relationship with an existing client.

When contacted, low level Paypal customer support as well as Paypal supervisors continued to repeat like a broken record that: The "hold" could not be lifted in spite of the fact Paypal fees were deducted from the said account, and worse, that a refund could not be processed leaving USD$7,500.00 in Paypal's bank roll account, but worse, my client without USD$7,500.00 in his Paypal account...

No solution was offered other than wait and pray my client's money would eventually be released by by bank, in this case, Paypal Blood Suckers LLC.

The smart thing to do moving forward?

To avoid 3% Paypal fees & 14 business day holds, I plan on getting paid in BTC, ETH or LTC.

Plus, trusting Paypal to keep my personal information and business details safe is foolish.

BOTTOM LINE: Paying Paypal to place a HOLD on my HARD EARNED money, now that's just plain STUPID!

So long Paypal! You have always been a fraud...

To him who has an ear, let him hear. #TGBTG

  • Aug 28, 2017

Paypal approached me, in 1998 to start an account there. They even gave us money to start the account $10 per person, and 5% interest on any money left in our paypal account. Well, after having some successes, I began using the Friends and Family service to send money to my wife's family in Mexico, to help them out. To transfer the money ... paypal would charge 1/2 of 1% handling fee . from my paypal account into my wife's family's paypal account in Mexico. That worked well for a number of years. Afterall, we're married over 10 years and for that period of time there never was a problem.

One day, I wanted to send money to my wife's family, and the link didn't work, and I called paypal customer service. They said, that on July 27th the CEO of the company blocked these discounted payments ONLY TO MEXICAN FAMILIES. He is Peter Thiel personal friend of Donald Trump, well known racist.

Paypal is intentionally hurting Mexican families - they want 6% transfer fee now. Thieves, racists, bigots. Just thought you should all know.

  • Aug 10, 2017

Back in early July of this year I lost my job. I immediately started to sale stuff on eBay. I had approx. $1,200 in my PayPal account from completed sales. Unfortunately, PayPal placed a hold on my account on July 14. My landlord agreed to hold off on filing eviction until July 20. On July 14 I sent PayPal the necessary info to be able to transfer my money. 2 hours later I was told that I would have to wait 180 days.

I subsequently was evicted and had no other means to survive. My family lives in Florida and no one could lend me money. I work hard and didn't expect this to happen. I have contacted PayPal a million times and have gotten the oh well treatment. Currently, I am staying at a shelter and go to the public library to try to get my money from PayPal. All the items I sold were received by customers and positive feedback was left.

Now I have no merchandise and no money. This is going to be a battle. I had a relative that this happen to and the amount was lower and they got their money released. I have contacted the AG office in California and the BBB. PayPal has yet to respond to the BBB. That is the only good thing. Further, I have contacted PayPal on twitter and Facebook. This must stop.

  • Jul 11, 2017

I've been on Ebay and PayPal since the 90's and they are horrible.. All their call centers are in the Philippines. Company has now started holding payments on me for ebay sales. 100% positive feedback on ebay for 2 decades.. This is how you can expect to be treated... After all these years I've had enough.. If it wasn't bad enough that they are holding funds, they are now processing and accepting payments from companies that I specifically did not give permission to charge my paypal account. PayPal has now decided to extend me credit for charges from Vonage (another nightmare hell hole of a company with horrible service) and from OnStar (cancelled service and they continue to bill me).. Can only say one thing (RUN)) Run far and run fast away from these companies.. I am now closing my bank accounts, my credit (Experian, TransUnion, & Equifax), and Ebay, PayPal, and now sadly even Newegg... *Chinese sellers promising delivery in 1 week giving out bogus tracking numbers*. May have to quit buying online altogether!

  • Jun 22, 2017

PayPal ripped me off , the buyer is a scammer and took a valuable Autographed cd and then had PayPal reverse the transaction

  • May 29, 2017

Dear Louise Pentland,

I believe I like many other business owners have been subjected to Paypal’s unlawful practices far too long. I know Paypal's terms as much as I know they are unconscionable even for a highly intelligent business owner like myself. You see, I've been a paypal customer for over ten years. Large transactions have been processed through my paypal account for the past decade. I recently started a new business venture that launched on March 9, 2017. This business venture was comprised of an e-commerce store that offered a variety of trending products. I worked with legitimate and trust worthy suppliers to form this store which drop shipped it's products.

I researched to make sure this was acceptable by paypal and when I confirmed it was I was relieved and proceeded.

I worked hard to build a brand that was trust worthy and a brand that respected it's customers. This past month was incredible but allow me to get there first.

Last month I had a 15x increase in sales resulting in $15,000 worth of transactions processed via paypal. Out of these transactions was nearly one thousand successful deliveries, happy customers and disputes that made up less than 1% of my total transactions. I also had ZERO chargebacks.

This past month I had a 4x increase in sales from the previous month resulting in over $60,000 worth of transactions processed via paypal. On may 25th I had a customer dispute that looked like the wrong tracking number was attached to her account. I quickly sorted this out, refunded the customer for the mistake, and updated her tracking. I noticed a short time afterwards my account had be limited. I quickly gathered the documents paypal requested and provided them with every shed of truth they needed.

On may 26th I received horrible news that my paypal account had been limited permanently. Paypal's reasons were that my shipping my times exceeded exaggerated lengths and that my recent spike in sales was an indicator I was growing too rapidly. Yes you heard that correctly, I was growing too rapidly.

I couldn't believe what I was reading. Where was the promotion of entrepreneurship? Where was the respect and decency of a company I had used for over a decade? No one even bothered to pick up the phone and speak to me. Instead, they sent a cold heartless email.

The problem here is simple. I haven't done anything against paypal's rules. In fact, I've done nothing different from what some of the biggest drop shipping guys have done, who are all still in the good graces of paypal. I personally know a few of them. I've done nothing to infringe upon the terms Paypal requires in order to use their services.

In the past 48 hours, I've sent email after email, proof after proof, that I'm running a legitimate business and handling customer affairs honestly and fairly. I even told paypal that dropshipping was only a means to generate capital in order to launch my own private branded products in which I would ship myself. I even planned to launch this next month. I've emailed their executives, complaint department, appeals department, every department I could possibly reach out to.

I keep getting the same list of bs reasons. They will not look at my additional proof and they will not call me to discuss. They've refused. I even reached out via twitter and facebook as did many of my friends. We tweeted "Please fix this paypal. You're hurting my business and it's customers. PP-005-845-812-531"

I looked this morning and saw that I was blocked from twitter and facebook. BLOCKED from twitter and facebook. Paypal sure did me a solid with that move didn't they?

Here's why I need your help. Paypal accounted for 80% of my total transactions. I need paypal to move forward. Please help me.


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