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PayneOakland Corporation

Country United States
State Minnesota
City Saint Paul
Address 1010 Dale Street North

PayneOakland Corporation Reviews

  • Aug 3, 2017

Mr Johnson is well educated persona and he explain to you that he is investor and make the people work in projects with the promise of " I´m nearly to close a deal and the founds will be on place this week" but the weeks are passing and nothing happends until he dicided that this investment is not worth it for him.

All what he can show you is a letter of a bank who says that Mr. Johnson has the founds in the bank ready to make and investment (tru o not?) what I can tell you is that hus team in Brussels has no paid a penny since they start a project with him.

So be carefull to make any progress with him on future and do not believe a word what´s going from his mouth.

Do not work for free cos you are not gonna see a penny.

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