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Country United States
State Alabama
City Somerville
Address 303 6 Mile Rd
Phone 1 985-966-3776
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  • Jan 23, 2017

We purchased a puppy from what we believed to be a breeder. Seller sold us a femal 7 week old puppy that we flew into AL to pick up. Seller brought the puppy to her mother's house as she stated she had to work. When we got there the woman ssid "she tried to feed the puppy but it wouldnt eat" we were handed an envelpe that was to hold the puppys AKC paperwork, her vet clearance etc. Half way home (we drove back) approximately 4 hours in the puppy began to throw up. We neer fed the puppy as it refused any food.

By morning I took the puppy to the vet and a parvo test was done which came back nagative. The vet provided medication for gastric upset. The puppy continued to throw up profusely after leaving so we immediately took her to the emergency vet who admitted her and put her on IV meds and antibiotics. Tests were done and her lungs were clear however it was apparent the puppy who still hadnt eaten and ddint want to drink was in stomach discomfort. She passed away from a proposed blockage this afternoon while in our care for less than 24 hours, without eating, wthout stepping foot outside.

These people knowingly have a histiry on the internet that we find out now of selling injured puppies, run a puppy mill and lie threw their teeth. I will go to great lengths at this time now to prosecute and sue them. In addition, the envelope was empty. they took 2500.00 from us which paid for the care of the gavely ill puppy they sold to us as an AKC pure breed. In addition, I will now contact the IRS to investigate them. Do not buy a puppy fromt hese folks. Save yourself the heartache.

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