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Country United States
State California
City Riverside
Address 8205 Indiana Avenue
Phone 951-373-5300
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  • Dec 21, 2016

On Nov.27,2016 I bought a car from Paul Blanco in Bakersfield, CA. Joey the saleman who helped me was great I have no complaints about him. On Nov.30,2016 they called me and asked If I could take in a bank statement. on the way to the dealership a light came on the said "Service Airbags". When i reached the dealership I brought to lthere attention they told me to go statght to Chevy dealership to have it fixed. Chevy made me an appointment for the following week. On Dec.7 I took it in. It was going to cost over $300.00 to fix. They called PaulBlanco dealership, first they couldnt remember sending me there. When they finally remembered they then said they would not pay for it because I had damaged it when I had the car detailed.My husband told them why would we have a brand new car detailed it makes no since. They kept giving us the run around.

I went in on Dec. 19 to pay the $1000.00 down payment. When I arrived they verified my number which they had wrong. But I also asked to speak to the manager so we could resolve this issue. I spoke to the manager Jerad. He then stated that someone by the name of Chris has been speaking to me about this issue. I informed him that I have spoken to no one If he could please call Chris in. So we can clear up this issue to. He then said Chris was not in. So I told him well I can return when Chris is in . He said it wouldnt make a difference. He then continued to tell me when I drove the car off the lot the light was off. That I must have had the car detailed that got it wet and damaged it. I then told him,that is just stupid who details there new car 1-3 days after buying it. Not only that, he saw that the orignal plastic was still on the floor mats from when I bought the car. He then said "like I said when drove the car off the lot the light was off" I became very upset that I just walked out.

I have a co-woker that stated the same thing. Im so frustated. Why are they able to get away with this. What are my rights. Do I really have to pay for it or are they responsible for it. I havent even had my vehicle for 30 days. But yet I already have to pay for repairs. It just doesnt seem fair .

  • Dec 1, 2015

I was in the market for a new car so I began the process by going to my local Paul Blanco location in the Stockton Auto Mall. On Saturday November 7, 2015 I visited the location after work. It was the evening and with the new time change the lot was already dark. I spent about 45 minutes walking around and sitting in different vehicles trying to figure out exactly what I wanted. I eventually left the dealership without being greeted or acknowledged. That night I went home and continued my research on my own. I located a 2014 Cadillac ATS located at the Paul Blanco location in Sacramento. Now it was Sunday and I got off work early to make it to the dealership with an hour before they closed so that I may test drive the car. Once again, I spent 45 mins on the dealer lot without anyone greeting me. I could not find the Cadillac on the lot so I walked into the office to locate anyone available to help. Here is where the fun began. The 1st salesperson came up to me and asked me if I needed help, I went on to ask him about the Cadillac ATS they had listed online and his response was “we sell 20-30 cars a day and it was probably sold.” I was disappointed but there were another 2 cars on their lot that seemed nice so I continued with the sale process.

(A little background on myself, I am a trainer in the retail arena for a fortune 500 company. My degree is in Psychology and I have over 10 years of experience teaching the sales process. I am going to be 27 years old in a week, so I understand that these sale representatives may have pre-qualified mewithout even asking any discovery questions.)

So this 1st sales person informs me that the car I really wanted was probably sold because they location pushes out high volume. This guy was a somewhat heavy set Asian decent wearing glasses, I only describe him so that other buyers can stay clear. He asks me how bad is my credit and if I was looking on getting a car today or not. This guy did not know one thing about me, what I was interested in buying, or how much work I have already put into this process. He just wanted to skip to the process of running my credit to see if I was worth his precious time as a commission sales representative. A little background with Paul Blanco, online you can fill out an online application and schedule an appointment once approved I did both. I told this sales representative that I went through these steps and He still insisted to go through more financing paperwork before even qualifying me as a buyer. I went ahead and report my earning of $6500 monthly and that my co-signer had a credit score of between 750-800. I also mentioned that I purchased a car from Paul Blanco last year. After the credit paper work was done I was hopeful that I could test drive a car or two, the whole reason I left work early in the first place! But…this guy was unwilling to get off his A** without my cosigner being present because in his mind, it would be a waste of his time. I was upset at this point so I asked to have my credit report and would come back later, but he refused to give me my personal credit information. At this point I was losing my cool.

I asked to speak with the sales manager and he gave me a disgusting grin and went to the manager’s desk across from us. The manager asked me what the problem was. I ask the sales person a few qualifying questions in front of his boss…

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