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Paul Woodward

Country Australia
State New South Wales
City Parramatta
Address Level 6, 93 George Street
Phone 0418-431-079

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  • Mar 3, 2016

Paul Woodward, in my opinion, provided me with a poor and incompetent financial advice. He was an AXA and Sydney Financial Planning adviser, who sacked him for misconduct. Currently he is with Patron Financial Advice (InFocus Wealth Management), still providing financial advice on their behalf.

First he recommended me an AXA (currently AMP) superfund as the 'best' superfund on the market, promising me exceptional returns. Later on I discovered that potentially the main motivation behind the recommendation was to push the product. In my opinion, Paul Woodward did not act in my best interest. My superfund was losing money continuously. Paul Woodward never bothered to recommend alternative investment options to stop the losses, and in my opinion he did not care. In my opinion, his knowledge was incompetent and substandard. Needless to say, the superfund lost me money.

Paul Woodward also recommended me an Income Protection insurance policy from MLC (part of the National Australia Bank). He assured me it was the best product on the market, and advised me to cancel my other, perfectly OK insurance policies that had already been in place - presumably to push the MLC product for which he would be receiving commissions and bonuses.

My life is in ruins. MLC (National Australia Bank) and AXA (AMP) do not want to pay my injury insurance benefits after my injury and after becoming seriously and chronically ill, with some incurable illnesses and unable to work in my profession ever again. They were happy to collect my huge premiums for several years, in thousands of dollars, but once I became seriously and chronically ill and once they needed to pay up, they decided to dishonour my insurance policy - for a made up and an invalid reason. I had followed the Paul Woodward's advice and had done exactly what he had asked me to do. Now I cannot afford treatments and medications. They have all treated me appallingly, as a sub-human and without respect. MLC / NAB and AXA / AMP have ganged up against me, trying to squash and completely destroy me, and Paul Woodward is assisting them with lies, rather than assisting his client with the truth.

Instead of trying to get better, they have forced me to fight for my benefits for several years already - for something that is rightfully mine and for something no one should be pushed or forced to fight in court for 5 or 10 years. I have been forced to ask others to assist me in putting this report together, as I have been unable to do it myself due to some of my symptoms over the last few days.

When I asked Paul Woodward to tell the truth, he refused to do so, stating that he was concerned about getting into trouble. It's a sad day for the humanity when telling the truth is not important and when someone would rather choose not to tell the truth in order to protect his income and his little world - while sacrificing an innocent client and destroying the client's life by those dishonourable actions.

I would never engage Paul Woodward again. He did not meet my expectations. I would never recommend him to my friends or family. I would also never use any products or services from AMP, AXA, Charter Financial Planning, Patron, Sydney Financial Planning, NAB (National Australia Bank) or MLC ever again.

It seems I am not the only Paul Woodward's victim. See the following link:

If you have ever received a sub-standard, poor, reckless, or incompetent financial advice from Paul Woodward, a financial adviser/planner from Sydney, please email me confidentially to: [email protected]

I need your help.

This review is an expression of opinion, and I honestly hold this opinion.

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