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Pasta Amore

Country United States
State Nebraska
City Omaha
Address 11027 Prairie Brook Rd
Phone 1 402-391-2585

Pasta Amore Reviews

  • Dec 27, 2018

Andy Rovito is a LIER and a CON: As the person said he rented the condo in Florida and stole from him but even worse: He came to our business and told us he was staying at a condo close by.He conned our employee and used credit cards numbers to rent scooters. He STOLD these credit card numbers from customers of his family restaurant, the credit cartd owners confirmed to me that they visit the restaurant often and know ANDY. Andy Rovito copied their credit card numbers and billing address, expiration date and the security number on the back. When he came to our business the inexperienced clerk believed his lies that he left his company credit card home and had the numbers in his wallet. I contacted him at his new restaurant called Pastra Amore 2112 winding river road dr. Suite 104 Naperville, Il 60564. Andy has promissed me that he would make things right and send the money he cheated us out of, we are a small businesss and $1500.00 is alot for us to obsorb. He is a lier!!! the money never came and he never intended to send it. We have since filed a report with the Feds for credit card fraud. Anyone visiting his family's resaturant should only pay cash, do not give them your credit card. I also spoke to his brother Tony? he told me that the family would make it right and asked me to please not turn him in as he has a substance abuse problem. This also was a lie they never called me back and never tried to make it right. Andy faces possible prision. The family sold Capri Restaurant and have renamed the other restaurant PASTA AMORE Do not go to this restaurant with your credit card. This guy is a lier and a con.

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