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Paradise Cleaners

Country United States
State California
City Long Beach
Address 6608 E Pacific Coast Hwy
Phone 562-594-5646

Paradise Cleaners Reviews

  • Nov 10, 2017

I don't know when I have ever been more offended. The last time I picked up my clothing at Paradise Cleaners I noticed that two of my rayon sweaters had small holes in them in the exact same spot. I brought the sweaters back in to show the clerk and to let her know and she asked if I wanted them to repair the holes, but admitted it probably wouldn't work. I told her all I wanted was to get reimbursed for the sweaters which was a total of $60. She let me know that the owner would be contacting me. The owner never did contact me, when I went back to drop off more clothing I mentioned the sweaters. They were still hanging up right behind the clerk. The owner did contact me and when I told her I didn't want them fixed, that I wanted reimbursed she had nothing good to say.

She wanted a receipt from where I purchased the sweaters to prove the cost, I told her that I have had the sweaters for 2 months and didn't have the receipt. She informed me that since it had been 2 months she wouldn't help because the sweaters were not new so she would have to speak to the insurance company regarding the $60. She accused me of putting holes in the sweaters before I brought them in so that I could get money from her. She made it perfectly clear that it was not her fault and that I was lying. I got agitated but then calmed down. I tried to explain that I have been impressed with their service in the past with the exception of the sweaters and that is why I was bringing more clothing that morning. She once again accused me of lying. I asked her not to clean the clothing that I dropped off, that I would be picking it up along with my sweaters with the holes. I just don't understand her behavior, it was cruel and offensive all over $60.

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