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Oranum Reviews

  • Feb 11, 2020

Oranum is a great site, but there are a few scammers on there who need to be booted off. Angellove11 is one of them. Generally, when I am on there,most of the readers are nice and helpful .I decided that I would go to private with angellove11.

I hit the button to go private,which means that I am paying money and when I did,instead of giving me my reading, she kept on arguing with and playing around with her son. I understand that family is important, but when you are giving readings for paying customers, that is also important.

  • Aug 20, 2019

Will always say 'Can you come to private can you come to Private' I had a PVT reading with her and wanted to know about future and she basically told me what to do in a Job interview, a Service I could of got for free by looking on google... stay clear away from her.........

  • Apr 24, 2018

This lady is literally out of her mind. Every night she logs in and talks to her "soul' mate who also logs in and its just hours of them faking a relationship (the guy doesn't contact her in real life.)

Jeter used to be a good reader or at least solid advisory role and then just started having numerous breakdowns on the site to the point where I thought she may need an intervention and hoped someone would talk to her

Full disclosure, I had two readings with her that I thought were "real"

Then I realized all she does is repeat back to you what you said, and prey on your insecurities

She doesn't have an iota of actual skill and to top it off, she is mean spirited and says horribly unsupportive things cutting your character rather than lifting up anyone but herself it seems

She's also shared some political views that have really offended people- saying Black Lives Matter at football is totally inappropriate, and people should take their issues elsewhere

Good riddance, do not read with her or even spend a dime on her or minute in her room.

Please do yourself a favor and do not fall for the trap

She is charming, but full of BS and won't actually even give sounds advise, let alone anything psychic

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