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Orange County Department of Child Support Services

Country United States
State California
City Santa Ana
Address 1055 N Main St
Phone 1 866-901-3212

Orange County Department of Child Support Services Reviews

  • Feb 24, 2020

I still don't understand why Orange County child support is ruining the lives of poor parents by participating in false accusations of child neglect and abuse with the assistance of corrupt cops, attorneys and social workers. Orange County has a racket like Las Vegas has a racket of major gambling.

Orange Countie's racket is taking people's childrens and placing them in fostercare so the Federal government or the Department of Health and Human Services on the Federal level deposits billions of dollars of funding for the care of these children. Oh, but that's not enough. Orange County child support charges these parents thousands of dollars in fees for these children by garnishing the parents wages, each time a garnishment is set, the parent loses their jobs. It's a vicious cycle.

The bill gets bigger and bigger and interest grows so the parent is in debt to Orange County for their natural life. This is big time criminal and it needs to be exposed and stopped.

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