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report scam

Country New Zealand
City Auckland
Address Auckland Chancery Plaza Level 39, Shortland Street
Website Reviews

  • Feb 20, 2017 is a fraudulent company who will take your hard earned dollars of which you will never see again.

There chatline does not work nor do they respond to any attempts to communicate with them. I signed up with them in May of 2015 and have made numerous requests for cash withdrawals wiithout receiving one reply acknowledging my requests for a withdrawal.

It would appear that the company in Question, stopped providing daily, trading results around September 15th 2016.

DO NOT ! , I repeat, DO NOT ! INVEST any funds with this company. They are just a group of "slimeballs" who apparently have no morals, ethics or sense of fair play. They are just greedy, selfish criminals who have no respect or regard for the public domain.

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