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Country United States
State Michigan
City Warren
Address PO Box 1027
Phone 1.888.466.7827

OnStar Reviews

  • Sep 20, 2022

I had an Onstar roadside emergency package since my truck purchase in 2003. It was charged to my credit card every month. I used it successfully prior to June 2020 several times. Apparently, the service terms were changed on or about June 2020.

Onstar did not email, mail or call me regarding the change. Rather, they continued to take my money from my credit card. I was told weeks ago, that I do not have an active service plan, because they are all more expense than the $21.55 they were taking from me every month. No one at On-star had a clue as to what I had been paying for.

I was not allowed a refund or explanation. I was told "corporate" would call me back to talk about this issue. Never happened. Yet, On-star is still charging my credit card. I believe charging me for nothing is fraud based on US laws. They do NOT deserve even a one-star rating.

  • Apr 12, 2019

So OnStar tells you that they will provide Roadside Assistance: Don't believe it!

The only time we needed it, Onstar could not find anybody. They told us to get a towing service on our own. I had to pay $212.30 on mycredit card for the Tow. If I had not trusted OnStar, I would have carried Triple A or Roadside assistance on my insurance for a couple of dollars a month. Instead paid about $12/month for this scam of a service. I thought hey OnStar would stand behind their service and reimburse us. Well I guess that will happen when Pigs Fly. I wasted a lot of time calling Onstar trying to get reimbursement but they gave me the run around.

I was transferred to GM Road Side Assistance twice from OnStar. The b***h at GM had the nerve to berate me for needing Road Side Assistance in the first place and told me it wasn't GM's fault.

OnStar offered me two months of service free, I cancelled it anyway because what is the point of having two months of Nothing?

Let me WARN Everybody:

Get roadside assistance through AAA or through your Auto Insurance because OnStar is a Scam and can not be relied upon even upon even though you are paying to 10-20 times as much.

  • Jul 11, 2017

I cancelled my service in May 2017 and was told at that time it would be no problem also was told I could continue to finish out my subscription through June 10th 2017. June 10th arrived and I found out that I was charged again in June for another month.. When I called this time, OnStar cancelled my subscription immediately and then told me they could not refund me?? WTF???.. Will never activate their service again and may just stop buying GM vehicles altogether... They seem like they are a good service at first but after this billing bs I will most definitely not recommend this company to anyone..

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