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Old Hickory Buildings, LLC.

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Murfreesboro
Address P.O. Box 331973
Phone 615-890-8075

Old Hickory Buildings, LLC. Reviews

  • Jan 19, 2018

DO NOT BUY A SHED FROM OLD HICKORY! I purchased a shed from old hickory, took forever for them to deliver it and when they did that's when the real problems started. The shed they delivered looked like it was built with scraps, broken wall studs, nothing square, big dent in the roof and my neighbors dog could get through the gaps between the walls. Not only was this "thing" they deliver an embarrassment to sheds all over the world, their unlicensed AND unregistered delivery sub-contractor destroyed my yard, damaged my vehicle and caused even more damage to this dilapidated thing they are calling a shed. Each and every time I speak to someone from Old Hickory they lie to me. 1. Old Hickory's representatives, on numerous occasion, told me I did not need a permit - that was a lie, the building inspector in my city told me I did need a permit. 2. Old Hickory and all their subcontractors are not registered in my state of Rhode Island - after all the problems I had with Old Hickory I contacted the Rhode Island contractors board and they told me Old Hickory is violating Rhode Island Law because they are not registered in Rhode Island. See and the inspector from the Rhode Island Contractor's board told me as soon as I file my complaint he would fine Old Hickory and their unregistered sub-contractor each $5000.00, so I am going down to do that this week. 3. Old Hickory's delivery and set up sub-contractor is also breaking additional laws because they are required to not only be registered as a contractor but they are also required to have a Rhode Island hydraulics and hoisting license because of the equipment they use to move and set up the shed. See 4. Old hickory's representatives on multiple occasion told me they would come to my house, take down my fence, and repossess my building if I didn't give them more money and go away. Again this is a violation of Rhode Island law and they know this. A building contractor in the State Of Rhode Island cannot remove ANYTHING without permission for any reason, and that even includes nonpayment, and Old Hickory knows it! Bottom line Old Hickory is a sleazy unethical company that uses deceptive business practices, made unauthorized changes to my sales/construction contract after I signed it (these thieves actually used whiteout to change my contract after I signed it and the changes are ridiculously obvious), and sold me a poorly build shed put together with scraps of wood and broke it all up dragging it through my property damaging everything in the area! This shed is so bad that my local contractor injured his back laughing when he saw it. I am sure I am not the only one having these problems with Old Hickory so here is what I recommend. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM! But if it is too late and you already are dealing with this sleazy unethical company don't fall for their lies! Contact your states department of business regulation or your states attorney generals office and report their illegal activity. I know they didn't bother to follow the laws in my state so they are probably operating illegally in your state too!

  • Jun 22, 2016

I custom ordered a 10x10 barn on May 16, 2016. It was delivered three weeks later, and as soon as it was delivered I called customer service about damages. I spoke to Sandy (615-890-8075). I also called JR the salesman. The building is completely built with broken boards. I contacted the BBB, so today6/21, they contacted me to see if they could inspect the barn for repairs. There is no way to repair the barn, it would need to be rebuilt. I have asked for a new barn, or a complete refund. I paid $2,391.00 for this barn, so why would it need repairs?? I am going to video the repairman tomorrow, so I will have video proof of his remarks. This company is very uncoopperative, and does very unprofessional work. Sandy said I could not have a complete refund, and why not since the entire structure is damaged?

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