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North Shore Design Centre

Country Canada
City Vancouver, British Columbia
Address 399 Mountain Hwy #102
Phone 778-228-8625

North Shore Design Centre Reviews

  • Aug 12, 2016

Buyer Beware: This review is to caution anyone that is about to do business with company owner Mitchell Lucas or North Shore Bathrooms. This company will scam you and currently owes us $8900.

Mitchell came to us and obtained flooring, he proceeded to install this flooring for a client of his and gave us a check that bounced. Later we learned he was using an alledgedly stolen cheque book from his own company.

He told the client he was working for to make a check out to his parents so he could scam them, and they would have no recourse against the company. The client paid his parents, and now is left with a lien on the property because Mitchell Lucas didn't pay for the materials he used and got paid to use. This company will scam you at any opportunity they see.

When we approached Mitchell Lucas he was golfing and claimed he will meet with us to pay. He never showed up to make a payment. We have sent him numerous letters and called him over 6 months we have been trying to get him to pay his bill. Yet he is unwilling to give us our money for the materials that he used. Legal action and cautioning the public at large is the only option left.

When we started leaving reviews for him his Dad called to save Mitchell Lucas willing to pay the balance owed to us, but then failed to show up when it was time to pay.

You do not want to work with this guy as he will rip you off. We caution any supplier, client or anyone looking to work with this company to be aware this is a shady business and you do not know how long they will be in business. They will take your money, not pay the supplier leaving you with a lien on your property.

Do not work with this company or Mitchell Lucas unless you want to be scammed.

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