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Country United States
State Alaska
Phone (334) 218-4845
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  • Oct 18, 2016

This company sells Nike presto shoes and claims to be a Nike outlet.They sent a text link to my phone to their website with NIKE AIR PRESTO shoes for 80 dollars. I ordered a size 13 shoe and was sent from Shangahai a shoe 1" shorter than size thirteeen ( I have several other NIKE shoes size 13 to compare), I sent them by email pictures of their short shoe they claimied to be a 13 next to a real size 13 shoe. I demanded they credit my card. or send me a real size thirteen shoe and give me address to return their shoe. They could only offer me 15% discount on more shoes and a 15% refund. I don't care about the 80 bucks but this company is a scam.

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