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Nightmagic Cattery

Country United States
State Alaska
Phone 518-514-8542

Nightmagic Cattery Reviews

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  • Aug 17, 2016

I am writing to share with you my experience in dealing with Karen Vance from Nightmagic Cattery. My husband and I have a cat and we were seeking a female Devon Rex. After extensive research and multiple emails to various breeders I decided to reach out to Karen Vance from Nightmagic Cattery. My initial correspondence was for the kitten availability and some general questions about her breeding company.

Karen Vance was a terrible communicator who never correctly answered the question that I asked in each email. Examples being that I asked about vaccinations and due dates of the next litter and she would reply back with a picture of another cat. I assumed that she was busy and just doing the breeding as a part time profession but later found out that was not the case. After 4 more emails I decided to put down a deposit for a kitten in the next litter due in 3 months. I repeatability would follow up every two weeks checking on the status. I found out after an additional email to Karen Vance that the cat mother gave birth to a litter. I asked for photos and requested a particular kitten in the photo. Another two emails later and Karen still did not confirm and then asked "What kitten did you want again"? During our communication, I felt like she was off but still proceeded as I spent so much time already on it.

We agreed on a delivery date and I provided my address and backup phone numbers. She advised me that her husband would deliver between 12-3pm. At 5pm my husband gets and call staying that he was outside of the apartment. We looked but did not see the car that he described he was driving. He then proceeded to say "Oh no, I went to next week's delivery address" He actually drove my kitten from upstate New York, 5 hours to Boston and not to my address in New York City. We called up Karen and advised her of the situation and she acted nonchalantly and asked when would we like the kitten re-delivered. We advised her sometime in the week and she proceeded to get flaky in her replies. We are not sure to this day as to what happened but we think she had another buyer and was reneging on our purchase. We threaten her with potential legal action via email and requested our deposit back. We received our money back 1 week later. To my surprise, this was the first thing she did without confusion and quickly.

I also found same and worse complaints about her online. Kittens delivered with heart problems and no vet documents. Vet document mailed later and looked faked. Please go to hot complaints dot com and rip off report dot com and search Karen Vance or NightMagic Cattery.

I`ve recently communicated with another reputable breeder and was told that Karen never lets anybody inside her house which leads to suspicions of what conditions her cats live in and how many of them she has. The address of the Cattery is not stated on the website. I suspect this cattery is fishy and would strongly recommend not to buy from them.

I wanted to share this story with you in the hopes that no one else has to experience this unprofessional and unethical business dealing with NightMagic Cattery.

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  • Apr 9, 2019

Fair warning!

I would not waste my time with this Cattery. They do not have any morals or ethics. There is a reason they do not allow visits.

Kelly Rose and Karen Vance led me on for months. I initially contacted them by phone and got no answer. I then emailed to ask about the kittens. I got an email back saying they had 4 left. She gave me the descriptions. At the time I did not understand what the official color names meant (like: pointed, seal mink, blue, red etc). I asked her to confirm which kitten was which. She did not reply until a week later when she said she only had one baby left. I said okay, I’ll take him. She told me how to send her the deposit. I gave them a deposit in early January for a kitten that was suppose to be ready to go home early April. After I sent the deposit through PayPal I did not hear back from them. I emailed to make sure they got the payment. No response.

I emailed a week later. No response

Another email 2 weeks later. No response

I called and I called. No answer. Then I messaged on Facebook and it showed that she read the message. She still did not reply. A week later I got an email from her saying the cat was big and chunky and I should get a short tower because the “breed is not the smartest”

I happily thanked her and asked for an updated picture. (Again, I had only seen a newborn kitten picture).

No response. Emailed again about 1.5 weeks later asking again. At this point it was maybe 9 weeks since giving deposit. I finally decided I’d reach out to other people who were buying a kitten. They too told me the communication was bad but that they had better luck than me because they nonstop called all day.. eventually after not hearing back the other buyer asked me if I wanted her to tell Kelly that I was worried and wondering what’s going on and to ask her to contact me. To my surprise, it worked and Kelly Rose messaged me right away. But that time she told me the cat was getting neutered that week and would be ready to go home on Saturday.. I said that’s great and can I see a pic. No response. I was getting super worried and finally said in a message that I’m nervous about the lack of communication and I’d like to see a picture before I make this drive.

She sends me two pictures. I was floored! It was a completely different cat. I shared the pictures with other breeders and in Facebook groups that I’m in becuse I needed others opinions. I know Devon’s can change their look all the way up to one year of age. And some have what is called ghost markings (the markings show up later). That said, everyone thought the cat was a different cat. I was willing to take the cat either way though. I did express my concerns in a gentle way though. And I asked her if I could see some pictures of him as he was growing.

She immediately got defensive and said that since I think she swapped the cats then maybe it’s best to get a kitten elsewhere. I didn’t want to do that though. Before I could respond- she messages me again and says “actually. Since he got neutered he hasn’t really been that opt to being held” ... and that basically he wasn’t a good fit For me since I have a child. She then tells me he is smaller than most cats (even though the email went on and on about how big he is). ... at that point I asked her to return my deposit. She wanted me to wait and see if I want another cat from her new litter. I was not going to do that though.

I wasted so much time. We fell in love with the idea of this cat and even printed the picture for our fridge. We named him. Our son is still asking when we are picking him up to come home.

In the long run, this is probably a blessing in disguise. But no I do not recommend this breeder. I didn’t have high expectations. I did not need a daily update. Who has time for that? But a new picture at least once over the 3-4 month wait? Yes. An update on how he’s growing? Yes.

This was a horrible experience and she has not returned my deposit at the time of writing this review. I hope she returns it or I will have my lawyer handle this matter.

  • Mar 27, 2019

I contacted Kelly Rose of Nightmagic Cattery in Dec, 2018 who told me that she had several available Devon Rex kittens. I spoke with her on the phone again a couple of times to determine which kitten I would like. I sent a deposit mid January for a speciafic cat. We had communicated one or two more times after that.

At the end of January, Kelly no longer communicated with me!! I tried contacting her via MULTIPLE phone calls, texts and emails for a period of three weeks. NOTHING. By mid February I realized I had been scammed and was not getting the kitten at the beginning of March, as we had discussed.

I was able to pay $35 to stop payment on my check, however, I wasted two months of my time along with much heartache. PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and DO NOT USE THIS BREEDER.

  • Mar 25, 2019

Zero communication

The breeders have zero communication skills. The only time I got a response was if they were asking me which cat I wanted and how to send the deposit. After they received the deposit I never heard back again even though I emailed to ask for an update and an updated picture. My email was not pushing at all- and believe me, I felt an update every 2-3 weeks was appropriate. How hard is it to send a pic and a two sentence update?! I even messaged her on Facebook so that I could make sure it was being read! She just flat out ignores.

I can tell that this Cattery does not care about their cats. They care about the money and when they will get it.

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