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Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Phone 888.701.0707
Website Reviews

  • May 24, 2017

The women on this site are posing as online users and willl try to connect with you to make you think its working. But you send a message that burns up 2 additional minutes and then your told they are not available right but you can leave another message. The same people will try to connect with you sayig the same things like " your message sounds interesting or "i like your voice" After the first hour you become aware that something is wrong because you never get to speak to a live single person. It will tell you they can't connect right now after you accept the connection. As you start burning into the first hour you start to become suspicious. By this time your membership is up ready for a reneweal. I didnt want the renewal but I still got it not by chioce. Then you try to contact the service department but the 888 number does not work. You have no control of your onlie account to cance your orders or services. Then I tried calling thier 888 number with no responce. Very fustrating to use a service and never get to speak anyone both in the chat line and the service line. They have multiple sites in different names that uses the same platform thus providing all the same challenges. If you read the other complaints they will state the same things. Remember only men have to pay to use the service so only men are getting scamed which means the other half wont say anything.

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