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Night Hawk Vision

Country United States
State Alaska
Phone 1-888-604-1710

Night Hawk Vision Reviews

  • Oct 17, 2016

ripp off

Ordered a few products on 6 may 2016 and send 100's of emails ....

till today no feedback. even the company who's site was used ( tells me to reverse payment from my bank.

so why are we not covered.

They are willing to take a cut by doing marketing and take their share but are not willing to be Daddy for their problem companies.

Where to now ????

  • Sep 3, 2016


Total scam!!! Do not give them money!

  • Aug 11, 2016

Nighthawk vision lazer company in olando Florida, Total ripoff,took my money never sent product, Call there customer service goes to voice recorder, They say they will return your call promptly but they never do, I waited over a month for my lazer before I started chasing them down , They are a real piece of s***

  • Aug 11, 2016

I purchased online the Night Hawk Laser online on Aug 4th no email confirmation or tracking info, so I called the customer number 1888 604 1710 no answer you can only leave a message. Then read the repot of others who have been ripped off.

  • Jun 25, 2016

I saw an add for this company on the internet and was interested in there products. I went to here website and ordered one of here products. A receipt was emails to me so I assumed my product would ship as I was told. After about four weeks of no product arriving i went back to there site and tried to contact them. When you call customer service you get a voice message that says to leave a message and they will get back with you. They did not contact me back. I sent several emails and still no respones from them. I went nine and researched the company only to find out the issuse had happened to multiple customers that reported the same exact experience I am haveing. Very other review I could find claims they were scared just like me.

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