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Country United States
State New York

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  • Mar 28, 2019

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  • Jan 31, 2019

I received stating that i was hired for the job at nielsen and was going to work at home! they had an office in newyork but never called me or wanted me to come interview it was only contact by email. The email didn't even have the companies info on it and they sent me a fraudulent check from another state that had the address of a bar! all the emails states : hello, how are you? I am contacting you from the human resources department of nielsen. You can view our website at I received your resume from indeed.

We want to hire you to work from home to manage hundreds of emails that the company will receive daily. Your role will be to filter, sort and respond to them on behalf of us. We will provide you with guidance on how to filter them and you must adhere to my instructions before sending out any responses to reduce the risk of errors.

You will be paid $20 per hour and will receive direct deposit after your first paycheck which will be bi-weekly in the amount of $1600. All amounts are before taxes. The start date is immediate.

I would like you to respond as soon as possible if you are interested so we can proceed immediately.


Nelson trombley

You are welcome.

Your job will be to go through hundreds of emails that the company will receive daily. You will filter through these emails, sort them and reply accordingly.

Due to the flexibility of the work hours, this job allows you to take on other external jobs. What the company expects from you is for you to reply every email within 24 hours of receiving it.

We will create a profile for you with the company. You will have an email under the company where all emails from our clients will be directed to you to filter and manage. The company will send you an advanced payment of $400 for you to prepare for the job. The company will also send you the materials you need for the job such as a laptop, fax machine, printer and software. When these materials arrive, you will install the software onto the provided laptop and setup the printer and fax machine. When all of these are setup, then i will be able to skype with you for your training.

I need you to provide me with the following details so i can create your company file and place you on our weekly payroll. As soon as i have your information i will order your advanced payment and the materials you need for the job will be mailed to you.

Full name:

Full address including apartment number If applicable):

City, state and zip-code:

Phone number:

Please respond promptly.


Nelson trombley

How are you again

I am glad to inform you that your file has been created and you have been placed on our weekly payroll.

Your start date for your work begins immediately from the day you receive all your working materials. I also have forwarded your information to our financial clerk. She will prepare an advance payment for you in the amount of $400. We want you to receive this to setup yourself with a conducive working environment. We expect the most efficient service from you towards our clients. She will send you another payment for the purchase of your working materials from the staples store. We want you to use this payment to purchase all your working materials from them. As soon as the materials arrive, you should install the software onto the laptop and setup the printer and fax machine. When all of these are setup, i will schedule an immediate appointment with you, where i will train you intensively for all you need to deliver an efficient service to the clients.

Please respond if this is clearly understood.


Nelson trombley

Hello and how are you doing today

I am glad to announce to you that our financial clerk has sent you a check of $1,800. When you receive it you will first deduct your advanced payment of $400 and then you will send the remaining balance to the staples store via moneygram which will cover the payment for your working materials for the order to be placed. The materials is expected to arrive within 2 to 3 days from the day staple confirms the receipt of their payment.

Below is the store's information where you will send their payment of $1,350 via moneygram as soon as you receive the check.

Name: brian tate-bas

Address: 217 broadway, new york, ny 10007

Please write and save down this information and respond promptly,


Nelson trombley

Want you to expect the delivery of the check between wednesday and friday. Keep eyes on your mail and let me know as soon as you receive the check. I'm sure you understand how to send the store's payment via money gram as soon as you have check posted in your account. Once you send their payment, make sure to email me the money gram payment confirmation along side with the photo of the receipt for documentation purpose.

I want to ask you to be up and doing as soon as you start your work. We will send you some documents which will contain your employment letter, salary payment option form and the form for the benefits that come along with your job. You will be entitle to these benefits after two months of probation, and i'm sure you understand what this means - it means we would use your report for the first two months to decide if you will be a beneficiary of the benefits that come with your job. I really advice you to take your job very serious and i can assure you that sky would be your limit working with our noble company

I congratulate you. Keep me posted as soon as you receive the first coming check.

I hope this is clearly understood?

Get back to me


Nelson trombley

This card brings new year wishes from the ceo of nielsen to all the employees of the company. I send heartiest wishes on new year and wish you a marvelous new year celebration filled with fun moments of joy.

The new year is the new beginning of new ventures and new projects. Let’s continue to see success as we did this year. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year.


Nelson trombley


How are you doing this morning.

I hope you have been keeping eyes on your mail to receive the check. Like i said, you should expect the check payment anytime between today and friday. I hope you have noted this and you are waiting for it.

Also, i require some information from you. Are you available next week friday january 11th, to meet with one of our job trainers who will be in town? She has been going around to give the staff practical training regarding the job. She is supposed to meet with you on friday january 11th and i want you to confirm for me immediately your availability on this date.

Get back to me immediately


It is so perfect that you will be available to meet her. Her name is michelle brandon. She will be coming to your address as we have it on file for you and she may call you if she needs help to locate you on this day.

She will require you to have a laptop she can use to train you pending the time your working materials would arrive. I hope you have a personal laptop she can make use of for you? Please indicate this as soon as possible.


Nelson trombley


I would like to give you a warning at this point. I have noticed your responses have been one-worded from almost the beginning of considering your application. Well, i am very familiar with responses that come in this manner, but i will not make a rush conclusion for you. I did not want to yet conclude you are a time waster because if you are, this job is real and it is not for you. Now, you have practically ignored my last email informing you about the delivery of the check.

Here is my warning to you. If you are here for a joke, you will have a lot to loose for it. It is either you act seriously for this job and you will have it, or you continue this way and you loose a very beautiful opportunity you most need. This may be my last email to you depending on your response, but it will not be my last action on your application and profile we have with us.

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