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Country Netherlands
City KC Botlek Rotterdam
Address Chemieweg 24
Phone 3110 8080 486


  • May 9, 2018

For And On Behalf Of the; Ceo/Director Crude and Petroleum Export Department. CLOSED JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "TURSUNT” [email protected] 628285, KHANTY-MANSIYSKY AUTONOMOUS DISTRICT - YUGRA AO, URAI G, 6TH PR, END OF 33/1 RUSSIAN FEDERATION Osipova Fedorovna - Legal Mandate OPTIMA NEFT RUSSIA [email protected] Caspar Christiaan Chief operations officer (COO) EMEC POWER AGENTS TERMINAL / Niehuis & Van Den Berg B.V. [email protected] Chemieweg 24, 3197 KC Botlek Rotterdam, Netherlands Tel: +3110 8080 486 Fax: +3110 8080 511

Osipova Fedorovna of OPTIMA NEFT RUSSIA claims to be the Legal Mandate to major Russian refineries (Rosneft Oil & Gas, ect.) to draw you in.

[email protected] /

When asked for legal mandate papers she claims she is waiting for renewal but sends Mandate papers for a company named "South Refinery" INN: 0816003648/081601001. She then sends an offer from a company named Closed Joint Stock Company "TURSUNT" for the purchase of petroleum products

Dr. Alexander Alexandrovich / Mrs. Lena Ivanovich - Closed Joint Stock Company "TURSUNT" - Address: 628285, KHANTY-MANSIYSKU AUTONOMOUS DISTRICT - YUGRA AO, URAI G, 6TH PR, END OF 33/1 RUSSIN FEDERATION - Tel: +7 (495) 295 8099 Fax +7 (495) 209 5337

which are held in a Tank Storage company in Rotterdam named EMEC Power Agents Terminal.

EMEC Power Agents Terminal - Casper Christaan (COO), [email protected] - Address: Chemieweg 24, 3197 KC Botlek, Rotterdam, Netherlands - Tel: +3 110 8080 486 Fax: +3 110 8080 511. The Tank Farm's website reflects another name: Niehuis & Van Den Berg B.V. -

Terms are negotiated and documents signed. PPOP arrives with documents signed with dates months prior to inspection dates.

Here is the SCAM:

Procedure #5:

No (condition DTA) upon the receipt of the partial POP documents Tank Farm shall notify the Seller and the Buyer regarding the invitation of the SGS Inspection Team at the Tank Farm and before 48 hours to conduct Dip Test in Seller Tank, Tank Farm shall inform both parties to present their Representative to witness the Dip Test. Note, Buyer pay for the SGS Dip Test before SGS Inspection Team arrive to conduct the Dip Test.

The three parties work together to intimidate, threaten and manipulate the Buyer to pay an invoice issued by the Tank Farm (not SGS) for SGS's services before the service is provided. If payment is not made directly to the Tank Farm against their Invoice (again, not SGS's invoice) they consider this to be a breach of contract and threatened action. Anyone having any experience with SGS knows they do not and will not operate in this manner. SGS will ONLY issue an invoice in the name of the Client (Buyer) who is contracting and paying for the service(s). Below is the Tank Farms exact response:

"We wish to explain our duty here on the said transaction, we store product /lease tanks we have Protocols to follow on the transaction:

1. After verifying the authorization letter issue by your Suppler, we issue Invoice to your Company For the payment of the Dip test, before

inviting any representative.

2. We have our registered SGS team and It is Via Us we invited the SGS Team.

Regarding Visa, Our Company shall inform the embassy in your Country to give automatic Visa in your passport name.

Kind Regards,

Caspar Christiaan

Chief operations officer (COO)


The scam was uncovered and confirmed prior to any direct financial loss.

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