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Nicoler Jewelry

Country United States
State Alabama

Nicoler Jewelry Reviews

  • Aug 1, 2022 offered baseballs of all the United States MLB Baseball Stadiums. The balls show the name of the stadium and team logo on the balls in the pictures. The order took 30 days to the day to show up through the USPS. The price was $49.99. Arrived with baseball bat stand and clear plexiglass case.

I opened the package and noticed the print of a photograph was rather blurry on the ball and that none of the writing shown in the example was on the ball. I have photos of what was offered and what was delivered.

I contacted the company to find out they are in England. They did appologize and offered me a 5% discount on my purchase. I advised them I wanted what was offered, not the 5%. Next email i sent, their response was a 10% reduction. On my forth or fifth email, they offered me a 15% reduction.

I explained in each email, I wasn't seeking monetary compinsation. Either send what was advertised or accept return of the item. Big issue is they wanted me to bare the cost of shipping item back and any customs duty if there was any.

Why should the customer have to bare these costs? They didn't state that returns have to be made to another country. So I'd get back half my cost of the baseball that looks terrible? Think this is unfair, they don't their promise.

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