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Nickola Khal

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 7865 W, Sahara Ave
Phone 702 608-5233

Nickola Khal Reviews

  • Mar 21, 2018

Shared a review on Yelp from a restuarant that I tried....see link below. Clearly Nickola Khal was more interested in proving me right, than actuacally trying to correct thie matter. SMH.

First time visit on Friday, it was clearly not skin friendly. There was a young lady with long hair that was very warm and inviting. The other women with short hair and an accent- it was clear to me that diversity in ethnicity, she was not custom to.

The food was awful and had to ask for napkins-no proper utensils were given for 'soup" I got a folk and knife. Take out order, I wasted $10 and will never go there again. What a waste of time and money.

NICKOLA KHAL, was very disrespectful that clearly confirmed that his resturant does not supports other cultures.

Instead of apologizing he became very sarcastic and rude. I later called the restuarant to speak with him, he was not in. I was told by the same women that was somewhat nice to me. "I remember you" and just for the record, we have had problems with this same women that you did"- "they let her go"....she was more interested in making the matter right than the owner- how SAD!!

Now, as you can see from the linkl....this Nickola, could have reworded all of this differently, to save this permanent review and to simple say " We are sorry for your experience" " Oh, no we do not condone this sort of conduct, how about you come back and we start all over" Never once did is uninformed individual feel that he need to do any such thing. Very much arrongance, and he came off to me as a racist.

I personally, would not go back into this restuarant and have share this with others so that they will do the same. This is the 2018 not 1965- this sort of behavior is still live and well and will NOT be tolorated by Nickola Khal or anyone else. He is a foreinger with, no doubt US citizenship and needs to understand that this sort of conduct is not acceptable. Do not come to our country and believe the lies you have been told about people of color.

NICLKOLA KHAL, your a fool and do not know the POWER of the better!

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