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Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 47-50th Street

Nickelodeon Reviews

  • Jul 1, 2018

Never say never!!! Many times before did I hear or read about people falling for scams. And giving up hard worked money. Never did I think I'd be gullible enough to fall for it my self!! As I minded my own business on 07/02/18. An older man approaches me while I jammed to some beats. I was sitting by the water fountain across from radio city awaiting for my time to go into work to come. This older man dressed very alright , busted teeth, and a cap asked me for directions to whole foods. I gave him directions and quickly put my ear buds back in. I wish that's where it would have ended. He proceeded to speak. This time complimenting how nice of a voice I had. And quite honestly it's not the first time I've had this said to me! So I didn't think much of it. I said thank you. And he pulls out his wallet with a fake Nickelodeon ID and says I want to hire you on the spot for a voice over position and I thought "heck I'm young why not.

So I lended my ear to what he was saying. There he had my undivided attention. He said they payed $190 an hour but it was a small investment.

You had to pay $380 but that it didn't have to be all upfront. He said he would put the other $160 but I'd have to pay him back. He asked for $200 first. Then said $260 would be much better that way I won't owe him that much. That money would go to "hold"my spot. He was very sweet and he did his job right. Very persuading regardless of how ugly he was his words weren't he was very touchy as wel lots of shoulder and arm touching. He alsi said he played in "The Bill Cosby show". I'm a fan yet dis not recall that. Long story short he waited out side my bank I gave him my full name, email and phone number. (To probably get scamed some more.) And $260 dollars cash!!! After he gave me a hug and said we'd keep in touch. I did ask for his personal info but he refused to! Not only that he went right on his phone and looked back.

He also kept on saying he had a meeting to go to so it kinda rushed me a lot more. I went to two police officers and they were useless saying that I was not forced to give him money wich it cery true but messed up. Im other words he said it's not illegal unless I was at gun point witch in that case he's worng becaise that's robbery. And the bank said that they can't pull up footage because tou need to go to higher then the branch. Some day! Money is money but I am left with this embarrassing story and ended uo donating $260 dollars to a scammer. I know I'll bump into him and when I do my fist might bump into his two teeth. He speaks spanish and english. Brown skinned. Clearly missing many teeths. Dresses in appropriately. Very well spoken and has his stories packed down.Claims he speaks five languages, that he is out of town, asks about personal things such as where do you work? Your name email and number to "be contacted. " Ifyou have a bank account or not.

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