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Nick Yiambilis

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Bensalem
Address 2214 Street Road
Phone 267-922-3536

Nick Yiambilis Reviews

  • Jan 30, 2017

Two years ago I brought my jewelry to Nick Yiambilis at Bensalem Check Cashing so I can take a loan against the jewelry.. I received my money and two hours later I received a call from Nick stating that with my permission he can unload some or all of my jewelry that day and get most if not all of the money back that he lent me, I said okay but there are certain pieces that I DO NOT WANT SOLD. We reviewed over the phone the pieces of jewelry he can sell and the pieces I wanted him to hold.. Five or six months later Nick Yiambilis called me and said "this jewelry of yours is it valuable to you or sentimental "? I replied sentimental.. He said okay no problem Ill continue to hold it.. Three months later I began to call Nick Yiambilis asking him how much interest I owed him because the primary loan amount was paid in full the day I took the loan out because he had sold a majority of the unwanted pieces of jewelry.. Nick Yiambilis told me I have it in storage and sent me a picture of a storage unit in dissaray.. I said okay when can we meet so I can get my jewelry? Nick Yiambilis said I am out of the country as soon as I get back we can meet.. It is now three years later and Nick Yiambilis will not reply to my phone calls, emails or text messages.. I would like everyone to know DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS MAN.... I have tried numberous times over the years to contact Nick Yiambilis because I want to know if he has my jewelry or not? I heard he is now with a company called Lendini, buyer beware Nick Yiambilis is not an honest man.... Do not do business of any kind with him!!!!

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