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Nick Bravo

Country United States
State Nebraska
City Central City
Address 2015 15th Rd
Phone 308-940-0472

Nick Bravo Reviews

  • May 1, 2018

Tim Marais Timothy Marias Realtor Real Estate Chatsworth Porter Ranch

Tim Marias used me as a patsy to sign real estate documents that illegally took possession of a dead person's abandoned home. We split the money after selling he stolen home. 150K each. He kept his name off all the paperwork. I was arrested and spent 3 years in prison. Tim was not. Now, he is posting things like the above to make me look bad. But in reality, HE is the con man, swindler. Do not do business with this man. He claims to be a Christian but I have seen him lust after little girls in public.

  • Jan 24, 2018

Nick Bravo was arrested and convicted for committing real estate fraud February 25, 2015 in Los Angeles and sentenced to 3 years in prison. He was convicted for stealing houses from dead people and their heirs. When I first met Nick Bravo and hired him to do construction jobs, he seemed charming and funny, but I later learned there is a darker side to him, that involve blackmail, extortion and threats of violence and death.

When I knew him, he was homeless and suffering from mental issues, emotional issues, and was suicidal. He may have a mental illness. I'm not sure. As much as I showed him how do do things the honest way, he continued to look for short cuts.

When he was arrested, I tried to help him out of pity. He plead guilty and was in prison for over a year. The more I tried to help him, the more ungrateful and demanding he became.

I think he was jealous about my success and angry about his situation. While he was in prison, he tried to extort money from me. He wanted me to pay about $1,000 for paralegal classes. When he was released from prison and still on probation, he wanted me to give him even more money. He threatened he would ruin my reputation by writing negative things about me on the internet. He also threatened many other people with violence and death. On June 12th, 2017, we had an altercation and 3 of his associates beat me up. One punched me from behind and all 3 of them kicked me in the head while I was down and unconscious. After this, I filed a restraining order against him and went to court on July 17, 2017. The judge granted me the restraining order because there was so much evidence showing him threatening so many other people with violence and death. One of the videos the judge found very interesting was the one where he threatened to kill his former roommate who is now dead. In the video he has a ski mask, leather gloves, duct take and a hunting knife. In the video he says he wants to cut the fat, because his former roommate was over weight.

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