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Nichols Automotive Services

Country United States
State Georgia
City Augusta
Address 3901 Washington Rd
Phone 706-650-3130

Nichols Automotive Services Reviews

  • Apr 25, 2016

I'm actually reporting incompetence, which can be expensive to the customer. That's basically what happened to me. Personally, I was taught that if you can't fix it, then pay somone who can. Don't make your customer pay the price for your lack of integrity and ability.

My vehicle had a cracked head, but ran like a sewing machine outher wise. All I wanted was to have the head replaced.

They did do a good job replacing my head and gasket, but I wound up having to solve an idle problem (which it did not have when I took it there) on my own. I initially took it back to them, but they didn't fix the problem. The problem: they broke a vacuum line either during the upper manifold removal or replacement, causing loping, low idle and stalling and numerous check engine lights - (which I had never seen before I took it to Nichols Automotive!!). After I picked my vehicle up from the second visit and the problem was still there, I knew I'd be wasting my time to complain further so, I, myself spent 3 weekends narrowing the problem down to their shoddy, half wit repair of the vacuum line they broke. I know they broke it because I was standing there when the guy broke it. He was explaining to me what they were going to do about the EGR Solenoid valve and bracket I found hanging by the vacuum lines at the back of the engine. The line broke while he was messing with it.

It took me 3 weeks to find the problem, because I trusted Mr. Nichols` word that they would repair it so I didn't really look hard at their repair until I had been over everything else.

Will never return again, nor recommend this shop to anyone desiring a solid repair especially when it cost almost $2,000.00!!!

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